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Sunday 18.08.2019 | Name days: Liene, Helēna, Elena, Ellena, Liena

Baltic States’ biggest candy-lovers live in Estonia and Latvia

Figures from the newest Maxima Retail Compass industry overview reveal that the average Latvian eats 3.9 kilograms of chocolate every year, just a bit less than the average Estonian.

Repeated elections in Kekava – activity twice as high so far

Repeated election has commenced in Kekava’s 785 election site. 274 voters or 7% of local voting population took part in elections in the first day, according to data from the election site.

Residents are certain no new jobs will appear in municipalities after elections

68% or the majority of interviewed Latvian Residents are certain no new jobs will appear after municipal elections, according to results of a survey by CV Market.

CEC does not revoke results of municipal elections in Rezekne

The Central Election Commission had decided to decline the complaint submitted by four Rezekne City Council candidates asking to revoke election results.

Programme: authorities launch new criminal processes after municipal elections

Latvian Security Police have launched three criminal processes for vote-buying in the 2017 municipal elections, as confirmed by deputy chief of Security Police Ints Ulmanis in an interview to De Facto of LTV.

Municipal elections in Latvia over – 50.41% of residents voted

Voting period for the municipal elections 2017 is over in all election sites in Latvia. Data from the Central Election Commission states that residents’ overall activity in Latvia during elections was 50.41%. A total of 727,806 Latvian residents with voting rights participated in elections.

Municipal elections in Latvia bring little change in 7 largest cities

Throughout this week municipal elections took place in Latvian cities, towns and rural districts. BNN has compiled a summary of preliminary election results in the capital Riga and six other largest cities, as released by the Central Election Commission of Latvia on Sunday, June 4.

27.35% of Latvian citizens have taken part in municipal elections so far

The proportion of Latvian citizens that have taken part in municipal elections reached 27.35% or 394,850 people by 15:30 on 3 June, according to the latest data from the Central Election Commission.

Latvian State Police registers multiple cases of possible election violations

On Saturday, 3 June, Latvian State Police registered nine case associated to possible election violations. The majority of those cases were associated with failure to remove political parties’ election campaign posters and such, as reported by State Police press-representative Ilze Jurevica.

Kurzeme – Latvia’s most active region in elections

So far 393,145 people have taken part in municipal elections in Latvia. The total number of Latvian residents with voting rights is 1,443,801. Latest data from the Central Election Commission states that 27% of all voters in Latvia have taken part in elections so far.

Municipal elections begin in Latvia. Voters’ activity estimated at 11.59% for previous days

Today, 3 June, election sites around Latvia will be open for voters from 07:00 to 22:00. A total of 167,391 residents with voting rights have already used their right to vote as part of early election, according to data compiled by Central Election Commission.

Betsafe: Riga City Council may remain under Harmony and Honour to Serve Riga

The coalition consisting of Harmony and Honour to Serve Riga will continue managing Riga City Council in the next four years, according to Betsafe. Such an outcome for elections is given 70% probability.

More than 38,000 people have voted early in Latvia so far

More than 38,000 people in Latvia have used the opportunity to vote early in municipal elections this week, according to information from the Central Election Commission’s website.

Pulks: Riga municipality’s social network accounts are financed by residents; KNAB investigates

«Social network accounts of Riga municipality were created using money of Riga residents. They cannot be illegally privatized to then be used to accomplish political goals,» says Riga City Council’s Unity faction deputy chairman Olafs Pulks.

Several media-related people become candidates in municipal elections in Latvia

Among candidates that intend to participate in the upcoming municipal elections in Latvia are several people who are closely associated with the media environment. Not all of them, however, have direct ties to journalist work.

Three Latvian parties sign cooperation memorandum for elections in Ventspils

Leaders of three political parties in Ventspils have signed a mutual agreement on the creation of a single list of candidates and participation in municipal elections in Ventspils, as BNN was informed by the parties’ representative Inese Ozolina.

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