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Wednesday 01.04.2020 | Name days: Dagne, Dagnis

25 March – Remembrance Day for the Victims of Communist Genocide

25 March for Latvia is a day of remembrance for Latvian residents who were deported in 1946.

Remember to reset the clock! Daylight saving time starts 29 March

On Sunday, 29 March, Latvia will switch to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, 29 March, at 03:00 (on the night from Saturday to Sunday), with clocks to be set one hour forward, Latvia’s Economy Ministry reminds.

PHOTO: Tallink ship Romantika carries Baltic residents from Germany

472 passengers and 152 vehicles are carried to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on board Tallink ship Romantika from Germany.

Saeima reaches out to residents born on 4 May 1990

A special festive meeting of the Saeima is planned to commemorate 30th anniversary of the restoration of independence of the Republic of Latvia. Celebrating this event, Latvia has reached out to residents who were born on the same day as the newly-independent Latvian state, as reported by Saeima press-service.

BMX track, Alfa, Cesis Castle and other nominees for Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019

The team of experts of the Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019 contest has picked a total of 41 buildings out of 91 for the finals, as confirmed by the chairman Normunds Grinbergs.

PHOTOS: farewell to the old microbus parking lot opposite of Origo in Riga

Active dismantling work is taking place in Riga, Satekles Street. Construction workers are working on freeing territory for the future construction of a shopping and office building there.

Alūksne taken by surprise by intense snowfall out of nowhere

The mantle of snow in Alūksne has grown from one to 11 cm. According to latest reports, the average layer of snow there has reached 6 cm.

National Health Service urges residents to use state-funded cancer screening tests more actively

On 4 February – the World Cancer Day – Latvian National Health Service urges residents to take their health seriously and use state-funded cancer screening options more actively.

Why is peripheral sight important and how can it be improved?

Peripheral or side sight is part of our sight, but rarely do people think about it in their everyday lives. Even when undergoing sight exam very little attention is provided to peripheral sight.

PHOTO: Riga commemorates Barricades of 1991

Commemoration events are held at Dome Square, Riga, for the events of 29 years ago – the Barricades of 1991.

PHOTO: city council commences demolishing of kiosks at Riga Central Market

The morning of 14 January opened up with the dismantling of kiosks at Riga Central Market. The kiosks behind the fence stand empty, but around them there is a big mess – boxes, books, empty plastic bags, pieces of clothes and other items can be seen everywhere around.

PHOTO: New Year’s fireworks at 11 November Embankment in Riga

Although there discussions in Latvia about organizing fireworks for New Year’s celebration or coming up with alternatives, Riga nevertheless welcomed 2020 with traditional partying and fireworks at 11 November Embankment.

Traffic to be restricted in Riga for New Year’s festivities: 11th November Embankment to be closed down

Traffic will be restricted in Riga in multiple locations to accommodate New Year’s festivities. The 11th November Embankment will be closed down as well, as reported by Riga City Council.

State Fire and Rescue Service urges residents to not forget about safety during the holiday

Christmas and New Year’s celebration is the time when all households organize celebrations, burn candles, light up furnaces, fireplaces and saunas, prepare meals, as well as make the holiday livelier with fireworks. To prevent the celebration from becoming a tragedy, Latvia’s State Fire and Rescue Service urges people to not forget about safety.

Eating during holidays: advice how to eat and not overeat

Many of us will agree that an intensive holiday season is a trap for healthy eating. Party at work, sitting with friends and, of course, pending time with family – all kinds of unhealthy and tempting options are right around the corner and not everyone can resist trying something tasty. Dr. Feders’ German Private Practice of Cardiology in Latvia dieting specialist Linda Federa people don’t have to reject food entirely, rather it is a better idea to follow certain recommendations to make sure the only thing received during holidays is hospitality, not weight.

PHOTO: Christmas tree lights up at Dome Square in Riga

Like every year, a Christmas market has opened at Dome Square in Riga. And in its centre stands, quite possibly, the most beautiful Christmas tree in Riga to cheer both local and foreign guests.

PHOTO: doctors gather for a repeated protest outside Saeima

Another protest act was held by organizations representing Latvian doctors outside the Saeima at the end of November.

airBaltic A220 flight simulator opens at airBaltic Training Facility

The Latvian Civil Aviation agency has certified the new Latvian airline’s airBaltic Airbus A220 highest standard full flight simulator that now is based at the airBaltic Training facilities next to Riga International Airport.

CAITO project aims to bring countryside tourism offer to Japan’s market

The end of the conference Japan – gates to Asia’s tourism markets in Tallinn also marked the end of the three-year project CAITO, the goal of which was to form and introduce on Japan’s tourism market a unified offer from Estonia, Latvia and South-Finland for countryside tourism, says Rural Traveler representative Asnāte Ziemele.

PHOTO: Latvia commemorates victims of Zolitude tragedy

2019 marks six years since the so-called Zolitude tragedy, when the roof of a Maxima supermarket collapsed, killing 54 people.

Lielais Kristaps Award Ceremony: Best actors – Reinis and Nevarauska, best film – Oļegs

At Lielais Kristaps Latvian National Film Award ceremony film director Juris Kursietis work Oļegs was named the best full-length film. Camera operator Bogumils Godfrejovs was also awarded for his work on this film.

Regional public transport services to become free for families with children on 11th and 18 November

Families with children in Latvia will be able to use regional bus and train services free of charge on 11th and 18th November, as confirmed by the Road Transport Directorate.

PHOTO: 100th anniversary of victory over Bermondt forces commemorated at Freedom Monument

In celebration of Lāčplēsis Day and 100th anniversary since the victory of Latvian army over Bermondt-Avalov forces in Riga, Latvian officials laid flowers at the Freedom Monument on 11 November 2019.

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