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Monday 22.07.2019 | Name days: Marija, Marika, Marina

Prosperity belt around Germany

The most powerful European economy widely acknowledged EU advancement “engine”, this year experiences insignificant, rather ill-wishers deliberately “exaggerated” reputation problems. They were caused by slower increase of GDP last year and already repeatedly carried out auditing of the forecast of economic growth this year.

National jealousy weakens the competitiveness of the EU

The new European Parliament and its approved European Commission shall quickly and inevitably return to the politically unpleasant issue. It is the idea publicly advocated by present leaders of France and Germany - to establish «European champions», the transnational super-enterprises. Yes, possibly, even the EU scale monopolists of their industry.

PHOTOS: Egils Levits' first day as President of Latvia

On Monday, 8 July, Egils Levits offered a solemn vow and officially became President of the Republic of Latvia. Following congratulations in the Saeima, the new President of Latvia and the First Lady travelled to Forest Cemetery in Riga to lay flowers at the monument dedicated to the first President of the Republic of Latvia Jānis Čakste.

PHOTO: Estonia celebrates Song and Dance Festival

From 4th to 7th of July Song and Dance Festival was being held in Estonia.

PHOTO: cotton candy, flower sellers and Ušakovs – 9 May celebrations at Victory Park

Celebrations organized by association to commemorate the victims of WWII and the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany are traditionally held in Victory Park in Riga on 9 May. However, while some people celebrate the end of one of the most horrible wars in human history, others choose to focus on how this date was the beginning of a long occupation period for Latvia.

Organizers: activity in this year’s Big Clean Up is just as high as last year

Organizers of the Big Clean Up expect this year’s activity to be as high as last year’s, when approximately 145,000 took part in it, says the event’s representative Gita Sauka.

One-fourth of Latvia’s residents to celebrate White Tablecloth Day

Similar to last year, approximately a quarter of Latvia’s residents (24%) plan to celebrate White Tablecloth Day on 4 May, according to results of a survey performed by Kantar research company.

PHOTO: motorbike season’s opening in Riga

While a bicycle party was being held on the closed Deglava Bridge at the end of last week, bikers were celebrating the opening of the motorbike season in Riga’s centre.

PHOTO: Akropole shopping centre opens; visitors offered ice rink and IMAX film theatre

Akropole shopping and leisure centre has opened its doors in Latvia. The massive shopping centre includes an ice rink, IMAX film theatre, and a large Maxima supermarket. The total area of the shopping centre is enough for nearly twenty one football fields. The building itself could fit fifteen football fields, said the centre’s manager Kaspars Beitiņš during the opening ceremony.

PHOTOS: 70 years pass after tragic events of 25 March 1949 in Baltics

2019 marks 70 years since the deportations of March 1949, when USSR occupational forces performed forced large-scale deportations of Baltic residents to far-away regions of USSR. More than 90,000 Baltic residents, with nearly half of them from Latvia, were deported as a result.

Baltic States’ biggest candy-lovers live in Estonia and Latvia

Figures from the newest Maxima Retail Compass industry overview reveal that the average Latvian eats 3.9 kilograms of chocolate every year, just a bit less than the average Estonian.

Residents prefer quality and more expensive mulled wine in Latvia

When weather becomes cold, demand usually increases for mulled wine, hot juice-based drinks, as well as ingredients needed to make them, according to information from ELVI.

Study: nearly half of Latvians believe importance of family values is in decline nowadays

Mutual support (62%), care for one another, including financially (61%), trust (60%), mutual respect (54%) and responsibility (50%) are the five basic values respected and kept dear in Latvian families.

All of airBaltic’s Airbus A220-300 aircraft to be named after Latvia’s cities

As airBaltic received its 14th Airbus A220-300 aircraft last weekend, names of all 14 most beloved Latvian cities have now been painted on the aircraft.

October 24 in pictures

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October 22 in pictures

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PHOTO: young and old come to elections in Latvia

954 election sites opened their doors to voters in Latvia in the morning of 6 October. They will remain opened until 20:00. Voters of all ages were seen coming to election sites early in the morning: pensioners and residents with children came to vote.

September 12 in pictures

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PHOTO: parade of historic buses in Riga

A parade of historic buses took place in Riga on 3 September. The event was organized by international passenger carrier Lux Express. Buses arrived in Latvia’s capital from Tallinn to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the opening of Tallinn-Riga-Tallinn route.