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Economic and Political calendar of Latvia. 21 – 24 March 2016

Calendar of political and economic events in Latvia for 21 – 24 March 2016…

PHOTO: Riga residents build bridges out of spaghetti

To demonstrate the exciting side of engineer sciences, students of Riga Technical University will be building the European Bridge from spaghetti from 11:00 to 18:00 at the European Union House, Aspazijas Boulevard 28 in Riga on 18 March.

Mariah Carey goes on a European concert tour; to perform in Latvia as well

On 7 April, soul music legend and icon Mariah Carey will perform in Arena Riga in Latvia. This week, the musician launched her Sweet Sweet Fantasy concert tour in Glasgow. As part of this tour, she will perform her greatest hits in 23 arena shows.

Five things that should be considered when buying a used phone

In a time when electronic devices become outdated within months, many people decide to save money and buy used mobile phones. The option of getting what you want for a low price exists, but often the purchase of such a phone is carried out using advertisements in papers or on the Internet. This is also often used by fraudsters. Experience of Telecommunications Service Centre shows that unaware people who buy phones off hands risk experiencing hidden defects or even fraud this way.

Political calendar of Latvia. 14 – 18 March, 2016

Calendar of political events in Latvia for 14 – 18 March, 2016…

Economic calendar of Latvia. 14 – 18 March, 2016

Calendar of economic events in Latvia for 14 – 18 March, 2016...

Every second person would quit his job upon winning a million

38% of respondents would leave their current job if they won a million euros in a lottery. 14% would consider leaving after winning a large amount of money.

TOP 5 list of purse dogs for women

Purse dogs are very small and many are rather fragile. This is why owners should explain to their children that no matter how small an animal may be, it is not a toy! To make these small dogs great companions, they have to be trained carefully from an early age. To further celebrate the International Women’s Day, BNN offers a TOP 5 list of purse dogs:

Political calendar of Latvia. 7 – 11 March, 2016

Calendar of political events in Latvia for 7 – 11 March, 2016…

Economic calendar of Latvia. 7 – 11 March, 2016

Calendar of economic events in Latvia for 7 – 11 March, 2016...

Is «broken» heart a dying thing?

It appears that not only romantic film characters, but also cardiologists discuss «broken» hearts. For example, in Australia, there is a recognised diagnosis entitled «broken heart syndrome» or «Takotsubo syndrome».

Five record-holding precious stones

People have been interested in precious stones for hundreds of years. It is not expected that this fascination may go away any time soon. National Geographic has compiled a list of five precious stones that can be considered record holders in their each unique way.

Public vote for Latvia’s Coin of the Year 2015 commences

The Bank of Latvia has launched a public survey ‘Latvia’s Coin of the Year’. Anyone is invited to express their opinion in regards to the special coins released in the country last year was the most emotionally moving, artistically beautiful, original and thematic. This survey will remain open for 1 – 22 March.

Political calendar of Latvia. 29 February – 4 March, 2016

Calendar of political events in Latvia for 29 February – 4 March, 2016…

Justs to represent Latvia at Eurovision

On Sunday, 28 February, Justs won Supernova 2016 contest with his song ‘Hearbeat’. This victory has given him the opportunity to represent Latvia at the international Eurovision contest in Stockholm.

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