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Ceturtdiena 09.04.2020 | Name days: Valērija, Žubīte

Nearly one third of drivers uninformed about OCTA functions

Approximately one-third of drivers are unable to explain what exactly is covered by OCTA insurance, or provide incorrect explanations, suggests the insurance company Balta survey.

San Francisco plans banning McDonald's children meals

San Francisco might forbid advertising and selling McDonald’s children's meals with toys, for example, Happy Meal.

42 million dollars stolen from Holocaust survivors fund

The United States has charged 17 people for theft of more than 42 million dollars from two charity funds created to help Holocaust survivors in financial difficulties.

Poland completes world's tallest Jesus statue building

The statue of Jesus Christ, which is 52 meter high, has been built in Poland. Its height exceeds the statute of Christ in Bolivia by 18 meters.

Traffic lights switched off in Lvov because of 2 000 dollar debt

Due to 16 000 hryvnia debt all the traffic lights have been switched off in the centre of Ukraine’s city Lvov without a prior notice, reports Interfaks – Ukraina.

Potential «invisibility cloak» invented

Group of scientists claim they have created a new material that could become the basis for «invisibility cloak».

Google and Facebook to face stricter EU rules

The European Union is to introduce stricter privacy rules, in order Internet users had more control over how social networks, for example, Facebook and the search engine Google use their personal information.

China to create Disneyland in Shanghai

American Corporation The Walt Disney Company has agreed with the Chinese company Shanghai Shendi Group Co. Ltd on constructing Disneyland Theme Park in Shanghai.

China sells Obama sex doll

China has developed a rubber blow-up doll of the President of the United States Barack Obama - the doll was presented at the recent 8th Sex Culture Festival for adults in Guangzhou.

82.3% of all e-mails – spams

In the third quarter of 2010, spam comprised 82.3% of the total electronic letters, indicates Kaspersky Lab data.

Russia bans frozen poultry meat trade

Starting from January 1, next year, the trade of frozen poultry meat will be completely banned in Russia.

Social network users could pay more for home insurance

Apartment owners who use such social networks as Facebook and Twitter will, possibly, have to pay more for the home insurance in the future.

Package of explosives sent to Merkel

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office has received a suspicious package containing explosives.

Man arrested in Kazakhstan for 6 quintals of marijuana

Uzbekistan citizen, aged 25, has been arrested in Kazakhstan with six quintals of marijuana.

Decreasing volumes of rubber might result in condoms price climb

Considering natural rubber deficit, the cost of tyres, gloves and condoms could rise by 65%.

Reflecting vests to be mandatory for drivers in Latvia

If the vehicle drivers will have to go out on the road or on the side of the road in case of emergency stop, low visibility and during the hours of darkness, they will have to wear clothes of reflective material such as a vest.

Americans blame Obama for economic downturn

Most of Americans are convinced the policy implemented by the United States (US) President Barack Obama is to be blamed for the economic downturn.

UK internet industry worth almost as much as financial sector

United Kingdom internet industry is worth 100 billion pounds, which is 7% of the national income.

PayPal introduces new micropayment to be integrated also in Facebook

PayPal has unveiled new micropayment service allowing to purchase digital goods more easily. Integration with social network giant Facebook is planned.

Survey: Latvians consume little beer, given Europe

Although Latvians like to boast they are the largest beer consumers, actually, their beer consumption level is among the lowest in Europe. Even the Lithuanians and the Estonians yearly consume more quantities of beer.

Famous octopus Paul dead

The famous octopus Paul, who flawlessly predicted Germany's World Cup game results and the finals, has been found dead at home in Oberhausen Sea Life Centre, reports AFP.

Three containers of euro coins delivered to Estonia

First two trucks carrying euro coins have reached Estonia, reports

Armenia exported 5 tons of frogs last year

Despite Armenia exported more than five tons frogs last year, the program has been recognized as not profitable.

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