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Saturday 04.04.2020 | Name days: Valda, Herta, Ārvalda, Ārvalds

Osama bin Laden's pilot leaves Al Qaeda due to unsatisfactory healthcare

A former member of Al Qaeda asserts he left the terrorists group when they refused paying healthcare bills of his pregnant wife.

Windows 7 – the fastest-selling operating system in the world

Windows 7 has become the most purchased operating system in the history; the spokesperson of Microsoft Latvia Kristine Mennika informed the business news portal BNN.

Scientists discover a gene preventing alcoholism

A gene has been discovered that helps getting drunk more quickly.

Apple launches iPad-inspired Mac

The company Apple presented its thinnest and lightest version of Mac notebook, which combines different iPhone and iPad features with traditional Apple computer characteristics.

LIVE RĪGA to advertise Latvia with chocolate sprats

LIVE RĪGA has come up with a new idea of advertising Latvia and give tourists possibility to indulge in the taste of the capital city by offering chocolate sprats.

Average Latvian family spends 590 lats a month

An average family of Latvia consists of three persons and spends 590 lats a month, according to the Central Statistical Bureau data.

Delayed flights cost travellers billions of dollars

Researchers have estimated the sum that would cover the caused inconveniences to the airline passengers due to unnecessary delays in flights. The customer anger could be compensated with 16.7 billion US dollars (8.5 billion lats) per year.

Record big sum won in Russian lottery - 42 million rubles

Resident of Khanty-Mansiysk region has won the biggest amount of money in Russian lotteries history - more than 42 million rubles (701 400 lats).

New Saeima deputies wealthier than the previous ones

According to almost all figures, the Deputies elected in the 10th Saeima are wealthier than their forerunners.

Reuter’s journalist fired for trading shares

A commentator at Reuters has been fired on the basis of systematic corporate ethics violations – trading with shares.

Estonian deputies sail and play cards during working hours

To participate in different events not related to work, but taking part in working hours, moreover without getting pay cuts, is a luxury only Estonian deputies can afford.

iPad and iPhone sale doubles Apple profit

The profit gained by the technology giant Apple after the fiscal year conclusion on October 19, could total 13.4 billion US dollars (6.7 billion lats). Thus, compared to the previous year, the company’s profit will have doubled.

Flick launches Latvian design shop

A new Latvian traditional lifestyle shop Riija has been launched. The idea of such store was invented this spring by Bertolt Flick, the President of the airline airBaltic, and the Chef Martins Ritins.

Naturalization agency Head confuses number of letters in Latvian alphabet

Naturalization agency Head Igor Gorbunov made a mistake on answering the question of number of letters in the Latvian alphabet.

Live television bloopers

Live TV requires responsibility and concentration skills, but experience shows slips of tongue are not rare as well.

Piglet seized to obtain money for loan settlement

In order to partly cover some woman’s debt to the bank, bailiffs in Russia have arrested a piglet belonging to the debtor.

Estonia to abandon payphones from December

Considering that payphones have become unpopular among the inhabitants of Estonia, and their maintenance costs are high, a decision has been taken to close down the payphone business in the country starting from this year’s December.

HIV diagnosis sets US porno industry under crisis

The US porno industry is in crisis after one of its actors has been tested positive for HIV.

Latvians twice as poor as Estonians

Latvians are 34 times poorer than the Swiss people, 32 times than Norwegians and twice as poor as the neighbours Estonians.

Tomatoes to be cultivated at Getlini refuse site

In order to usefully utilize the heat resulting from the waste management, it is planned to cultivate tomatoes at the Getlini refuse site.

Security Company: Estonians have started to steal more

Number of people who have started to steal due to the tough economic situation has increased in Estonia, mostly they wander in foodstuff sections trying to get something to eat.

Fear of computer virus 10.10.10 circulates Internet

Rumours that a computer virus could spread on the tenth October – 10.10.10 actively circulate among the Internet users. Experts also advise to be careful.

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