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Wednesday 01.04.2020 | Name days: Dagne, Dagnis

Million rubles for kidnapping a bride in Chechnya

Bride kidnapping fine of one million rubles has been introduced in Chechnya.

Billionaire Trump interested in becoming US President

American business and real estate magnate Donald Trump believes he could become the next US President.

Rietumu Capital Center wins Architecture Award of the year

Architect bureau Zenico projekts has been awarded Riga City 2010 architecture prize for the business centre Rietumu Capital Centre (Vesetas Street 7) construction, which is the headquarters of Rietumu Bank.

«Test tube baby» father awarded Nobel Prize

The British physiologist Robert G. Edwards won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Graphene researchers win physics Nobel Prize

Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov received the Nobel Prize in physics for their revolutionary investigations of the two-dimensional material graphene.

The Flintstones' 50th anniversary

The Flintstones are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Here are some facts that people might not know about the famous cartoon and its heroes; as well as ten inventions occuring in the cartoon.

250 tons of Estonian kroon coins to be collected after joining eurozone

After the transition to the euro, it is expected that the Estonian people could hand over 250 tons of the present currency coins.

Latvian product competes with HP and IBM

The prospects of the infrastructure monitoring program Zabbix, which was developed in Latvia, in the world are huge, and it can compete in the global market.

Angela Merkel prefers Soviet cuisine

German Chancellor still has the habits acquired during the Soviet era, while a particular weakness of her is the Soviet cuisine, Angela Merkel indicated during Germany reunification 20th anniversary.

Top brand in Latvia this year – Google

This year the inhabitants of Latvia have recognized Google as the most popular brand.

Playboy published also in Latvia

Next week, October 8, the first edition of the magazine Playboy in Latvian will be published.

People in Latvia eat much and move little

According to the doctors’ observations, as well as, to the indicators of the sickness rate with heart and vascular diseases, the Latvian population attitude toward their health is superficial.

DVD with Raimonds Pauls’ autograph auctioned in Russia

A Russian Internet auction website has put up for auction a DVD of Maestro Raimonds Pauls live concert record with the musician’s autograph.

Donald Duck gets the Swedes votes

Donald Duck, a king and God are among those candidates that the Swedish people want to see in the Parliament, indicates the final published data on the hand-written votes.

French nudists and swingers fight in the «naked city»

There is growing tension in the so called Cap d’Agde city that is known as the «naked city» due to the large number of nudists. Recently there have appeared complaints about obscene hotels and children witnessing «exhibitionist» behaviour, including sexual acts in public.

One-cent coin sold for 1.7 million dollars

One-cent coin has been sold by 1.7 million dollars in an auction taking place in New Jersey.

Sensation of new European maps

Eight European map models have gained great popularity. They represent the states of different individuals' point of view, taking into account a number of stereotypes of the countries.

Uncoordinated pre-election campaign during hockey game

During Dinamo Riga KHL season game some posters were displayed in the viewer stands, agitating for one of the political parties.

Russian Bank wants to abandon kopecks

The Central Bank of The Russia has applied to the The Russian Council with a request to consider abandoning emission of one and five kopecks coins.

Jurmala restaurants – the most expensive in Latvia

The three most expensive restaurants in Latvia are located in the City of Jurmala – as they offer such exclusive seafood as gambas (a specific type of shrimp), lobster tails and crab legs.

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