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Ceturtdiena 27.02.2020 | Name days: Līva, Līvija, Andra

Historian Yuri Slezkine's free lecture on the reasons for socialism’s demise

On Friday, 16 February, 18:00, there will be a guest lecture by historian Yuri Slezkine «The Life and Death of the Russian Revolution». The event will take place in AsiaRes Reading Room (Level M), National Library of Latvia, Mūkusalas iela 3. It is part of the «Narrating the Human» series of talks.

Contest to determine Baltic restaurants with the best wine

Wine served in Latvian and Baltic restaurants will be judged for the first time in a contest organized by Baltic Wine List Awards, as confirmed by the project’s director Inese Ķīkule.

Five pieces of advice to handle New Year’s feast

New Year’s celebration is unimaginable without a rich selection of meals and beverages. The problem is that people have to tackle far more meals during this celebration than they can handle. Often the day after celebration is followed up by serious consequences: headache, nausea and other health problems.

December 5 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

VIDEO: residents cheer for Latvia’s 99th birthday

To congratulate Latvian residents on Latvia’s 99th birthday a special video with poetry has been made. The video itself shows Latvian people of different age, professional backgrounds and interests at their birthdays.

Sleep doctor: stress and sleep problems – a closed circle to avoid

Excessive stress is becoming a very common problem for residents. Unfortunately, stress often comes with sleep problems, which inevitably worsens the quality of life for people. On top of that, people rarely complain, which makes treatment all the harder. Instead of addressing the core of the problem, residents use different alcoholic beverages as a short-term solution.

Restored Freedom Monument to be festively unveiled in Riga this week

This week it is planned to unveil the restored Latvia’s Freedom Monument. The ceremony will take place 10:00 on Thursday, 19 October. The festive ceremony will be attended by members of Riga City Council, state high-rank officials, representatives of National Armed Forces and foreign diplomats.

Daylight saving time. History and what it means for industries?

Latvia and many other countries around the world will transition from daylight saving time on 29 October. All clocks will be switched one hour back.

Video: How to make white-water rafting more dangerous?

If you think white-water rafting is a piece of cake, you can try getting over some rapids on six rafts.

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