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Ceturtdiena 25.04.2019 | Name days: Līksma, Bārbala

Catholic archbishop in France stands trial for not reporting child abuse

In France, a prominent Catholic archbishop is tried as part of a pedophile scandal as he is accused of failing to report a clergyman, convicted of abusing boy scouts in the 1980s and 90s. Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, the archbishop of Lyon, in central eastern France, is charged along with five others from his diocese of helping cover up abuse in one of the parishes in the territory.

Estonia: Narcotics' mail deliveries could go out of control if not tackled

The Estonian tax and customs body has intercepted a total of 742 parcels containing illegal drugs, setting a new, alarming record for the Baltic country.

One-tenth of Saeima deputies may be replaced following new government’s approval

With the approval of a new government, one-tenth of Saeima deputies may be replaced.Currently multiple political parties have yet to reveal their chosen minister candidates. Deputies approved for the minister post have the option to put down their Saeima deputy’s mandate.

Weather in Latvia will be volatile this week; nights to become especially chilly

In the first half of the week an active cyclone will approach Latvia from the west. A precipitation zone will reach the country, bringing moderate precipitation – mostly snow and wet snow. As the cyclone backs away, air temperature will drop to -15° C… -18° C.

Week in Lithuania. Probe into suspected squandering at Lithuanian Post

Lithuania's Special Investigation Service, or STT, has launched a pre-trial investigation into suspected squandering of public funds at Lietuvos Paštas (Lithuanian Post). Transport and Communications Minister Rokas Masiulis says traces of an audacious scheme for profiting at the state's expense have been detected at the state postal company.

Direct state procurements in Latvia to be organized electronically in the future

State Regional Development Agency reports that construction procurements and procurements of goods and services organized by state administration institutions will require potential applicants to submit their offers electronically from now on.

Coalition of liberals and pro-Kremlin front-runners seen as option in Estonia

As Latvia looks set to get a five-party government coalition after months of long discussions, Estonia's public broadcaster ERR has looked into possible coalition models Estonia would have after its parliamentary election due in March.

Latvian Post receives nearly 80 damaged mail bags from Netherlands

Latvian Post has received nearly 80 mail bags delivered by air from Netherlands. Many of the received packages were completely mashed and others were ruined to the point of the written delivery addresses becoming completely unintelligible.

Levits «may consider» becoming presidential candidate in Latvia again

Judge Egils Levits of the Court of Justice of the European Union may consider becoming a candidate for the post of president of Latvia if such an offer was extended to him.

Danish train collision turns more tragic

The death toll of the train crash in Denmark, which took place on Wednesday, January 2, eight people are now confirmed dead.

Weather in Latvia expected to get chilly

Weather in Latvia will be volatile at the end of this week and the beginning of next – there will be days with precipitation and days without, air temperature will drop, but western and coastal regions may experience thaw, as reported by Latvia’s Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Latvian government receives plan for MPC cancellation in 2022

Latvian Economy Ministry has submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers Committee a report on solutions for support of electricity producers to allow for the cancellation of the mandatory procurement component from 2022 onward and provide fair support for green energy producers based on market principles.

Association: bread consumption in Latvia declined a bit last year

There was a slight drop in bread consumption in Latvia last year, according to Latvian Bakers’ Association board chairman Kārlis Zemešs.

Court decides to keep businessman Martinsons under arrest

On Thursday, 3 January, Riga Regional Court decided to keep businessman Māris Martinsons, who is a suspect in the ongoing Rīgas satiksme procurement case, under arrest.

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