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Tuesday 11.12.2018 | Name days: Valdis, Voldemārs, Valdemārs

European Parliament supports new temporary border control rules for Schengen Area

Instead of the two-year period, the temporary border control within Schengen Area should not exceed one year, MEPs say. In accordance with the current Schengen Borders Code, member states are allowed to organize temporary border control checks within internal borders if there are threats to public order or internal security.

Average wages in Latvia up EUR 75 in 2018

Compared to Q3 2017, the average monthly gross wages and salaries grew by 8.0 % or EUR 75, reaching EUR 1,006 for full-time work in Q3 2018. Compared to Q2 2018, gross wages and salaries have increased by 0.2 % or EUR 2.

Latvia to expand list of controlled narcotic and psychotropic substances

Saeima’s Legal Affairs Committee has conceptually supported amendments to the Law on the Procedures for the Coming into Force and Application of The Criminal Law, which provide for expanding the list of controlled narcotic and psychotropic substances in Latvia by five new substances.

Putin insists Russia was right to capture ships, Poroshenko turns to NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that that Russian forces were in the right to capture three Ukrainian ships and sailors last weekend, whereas his Ukrainian counterpart has urged NATO to send ships to conflict area.

Latvian Saeima conceptually supports temporary budget

On Thursday, 29 November, Saeima supported amendments to the Law on Budget and Financial Management in the first reading in order to guarantee financing for the parliament’s previously made decisions next year, including larger pensions and benefits, increased wages for teachers.

Gobzems’ potential government disagrees over multiple important topics

Potential government partners seem to have disagreements over multiple important topics, such as KPV LV proposal to automatically provide all deputies with access to official secrets, as well as the matter on closed government meetings.

Construction costs in Latvia up 4.4%

Compared to September, the level of construction costs in Latvia dropped by 0.1 % in October 2018. Prices of building materials reduced by 0.2 %, labour remuneration of workers by 0.1 %, while maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment grew by 0.1 %.

Germany to help fund Lithuanian tank firing range

As Lithuanian Armed Forces seek to modernise a training area in Pabradė, Germany has pledged to allocate up to a million euros for procuring mobile target lifting system for training tank and armoured equipment live fire while in maneuver. The funds will be allocated to Lithuania under the programme of the Government of Germany for investments into long-term Lithuania’s security.

Russia's arms inspectors visit Estonian military bases

Estonian military units are this week inspected by a delegation from the Russian Center for Arms Control in line with the requirements of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

Latvian government conceptually supports raising wages of medical personnel

During a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, members of the government went through a report prepared by Healthcare Ministry in regards to increasing wages for doctors, nurses and other medical staff in the next three years.

Latvian Education Minister steps down; aims for European Parliament instead

Latvian Education and Science Minister Kārlis Šadurskis has decided to step down. He intends to aim for a seat in the European Parliament. On Wednesday, 28 November, Šadurskis will travel to Brussels, where he will take post as a member of the European Parliament.

Swedish political impasse could be solved by centre-right supporting Lofven

As the Swedish parliament has been unable to form a government for over two months after general election the centre-right showed chance of supporting a prime ministerial candidate from the rival Social Democrats. After an indecisive election, the Nordic country has seen a number of attempts to build a viable government, but all have failed so far and a caretaker government headed by Lofven is still in charge.