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Tuesday 25.06.2019 | Name days: Maiga, Milija

Ex-Harmony members urge parties in Riga to resign from posts and start over

The Independents Deputies Faction, which consists of four deputies previously excluded from Harmony, in Riga City Council has presented a proposal for all political parties represented in the city council to step down from their posts, including the mayor, vice-mayors and heads of committees, and «reboot» the city council.

European Commission urges Latvia to cut taxes for poor people

In its latest recommendations European Commission urges Latvia to reduce the tax burden for people with low income, resolve problems of social exclusion, increase housing and transport accessibility, as well as perform other important improvements.

Poland to not support Lithuania’s president as Tusk’s successor in European Council

Poland has announced that it will not support Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė as a candidate for the post of president of European Council, Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports.

Saeima committee permits KPV LV member’s criminal prosecution

On Wednesday, 5 June, Saeima’s Mandate, Ethics and Submissions Committee supported the proposal to permit commencement of KPV LV Saeima faction leader Atis Zakatistovs’ criminal prosecution.

Thousands of Czechs take it to streets, requesting prime minister’s resignation

120 000 people have filled Prague’s streets, demanding Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš resignation following accusations of fraudulent use of EU finances, BBC reports.

Anti-migration promises pave way for Denmark’s social democrats’ victory

Successfully manoeuvring between left-wing politicians’ positions in welfare and right-wing politicians in immigration affairs may pay off for Denmark’s Social Democrats, who have hopes to return to power after parliamentary elections in the country on 5 June.

While Latvia enjoys summer heat, Australia hit by snowfall out of nowhere

Australia’s eastern parts have been hit by unusual weather conditions, as snow falls in sub-tropical Queensland, BBC reports.

Riga City Council has yet to achieve much progress in security majority rule

Neither the coalition nor the opposition in Riga City Council has yet to achieve much progress in talks on securing a stable majority of votes.

Latvian president appoints the head of the Chancery of the President

Latvia’s newly-elected President Egils Levits has appointed Andris Teikmanis as the head of the Chancellery of the President. Teikmanis has agreed to take this post in July, once he is finished with his duties as ambassador.

Lithuanian ministry asks security service to step in and assess Sigmen contracts

Lithuanian Transport and Communications Ministry has asked Lithuanian State Security Department (SSD) to assist in assessing threats that may surface from the contracts held between Lithuanian Railways and private company Sigmen, a company owned by ex-KGB agent Yuri Simonenkov in Latvia.

Deputies excluded from Harmony form a new faction in Riga City Council

Four of the deputies that were excluded from Harmony’s faction in Riga City Council last week intend to «support decisions promoting development,» politicians said at a press-conference.

Ship crash in Venice prompts discussions for cruise ship ban

Following the crash of a cruise ship in Venice, discussions regarding ban of large ships in the famous tourist destinations have reignited with a new flame, BBC reports.

Angela Merkel promises stability in spite of Social Democratic Party losing their leader

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the government coalition will continue working in spite of the fact that Social Democratic Party’s leader Andrea Nahles has decided to step down, BBC. reports.

Latvia continues talks with investors on sale of KPV Liepājas metalurgs assets

Subsidiary of Privatization Agency of the Republic of Latvia SIA FeLM continues holding talks with investors on the sale of assets of insolvent metallurgical company KVV Liepājas metalurgs, says FeLM board chairman Jānis Rībens.

Ventspils Musical High School ends up in bribery scandal

A bribe of EUR 7 000 was reportedly given to ensure Ventspils Musical High School is declared compliant with fire safety requirements, as reported by public broadcaster TV3 programme Nekā personīga.

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