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Ceturtdiena 25.04.2019 | Name days: Līksma, Bārbala

Latvian ministry proposes reducing number of municipal deputies from 1,614 to 686

Following the administrative territory reform, it is planned to reduce the number of municipal deputies from 1,614 to 686, said Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Juris Pūce at a press-conference on Wednesday, 10 April.

Latvia’s corruption watchdog accuses KPV LV member of fraud; politician denies guilt

KPV LV Saeima faction chairman Atis Zakatistovs denies his guilt in accusations regarding possible fraud. He told journalists on 10 April that he wants to better understand the situation before making future decisions.

Latvian authorities detain ten child pornography distributors

In a large-scale operation that took place last week Latvian police detained ten of the most active child pornography distributors, as confirmed by Latvia’s State Police Sex Crime Prevention Department Chief Oļegs Lavčinovskis.

Ilves warns against Estonia turning back on liberal democracy

Former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, in an apparent criticism of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia, has expressed concern over the effects statements by the party could have, despite not mentioning EKRE by name. The presence of such statements Estonian politics, made Ilves concerned that liberal democracy is under attack.

Enefit: 30% of Latvian households want to produce their own electricity

Although sunlight in Latvia is an underappreciated source of energy, there has been an increase of interest towards use of solar energy among Latvian households. This is proven by the fact that in the last three years the number of households that produce their own electricity has doubled, according to data compiled by energy company Enefit.

Latvian ministries to prepare possible state threat prevention plans

All Latvian ministries are to submit possible state threat prevention plan projects to the Crisis Management Council and risk assessments to the State Fire and Rescue Service before 31 July, as decided by the council on 9 April.

Judicial investigation concludes in Zolitude Maxima tragedy’s trial

Riga City Pārdaugava Court has finished the judicial investigation in the massive Zolitude Maxima tragedy’s criminal case. The court announced that the debates on the case will commence 11 June.

McDonald’s in Latvia to provide plastic straws on demand-only basis

To motivate clients to reduce using plastic straws, McDonald’s fast food chain in Latvia plans to start a test in which straws will be provided on demand only.

Flu epidemic in Latvia is officially over

Because the number of flu patients has not exceeded 100 per 100,000 residents in the past two weeks, Disease Prevention and Control Centre announced the end of the flu epidemic in Latvia on Tuesday, 9 April.

Saeima speaker: EU should start accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania

Integration of Western Balkan Countries in the European Union would be a contribution to a stable and strong Europe. EU should commence accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania in June and recognize the hard work the two countries have put into democratic reforms, said Latvian Saeima’s speaker Ināra Mūrniece.

Consumer prices in Latvia reach 2.8% in March

Compared to March 2018, the average level of consumer prices rose by 2.8 % in March 2019. Prices of goods increased by 2.7 % and prices of services by 2.9 %.

Latvian minister tackles pharmaceutical market to secure cheaper medicines for residents

Latvia’s Economy Minister Ralfs Nemiro plans to form a work group to assess the country’s national pharmaceutical policy and come up with a proposal to improve competition in this market.

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