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Ceturtdiena 17.10.2019 | Name days: Karīna, Gaits

Lux Express searches for Latvia’s tallest people

International passenger carrier Lux Express has announced a contest «Komforta mēraukla». The point of it is for Latvia’s tallest men and women to sign up to help the company determine the comfort level for tall people. Acceptance of applications will continue until 10 October.

Prime Minister: there is no time for an open selection of a new governor for Bank of Latvia

Currently there is no list of candidate for the post of governor of the Bank of Latvia, and this is concerning, said Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš in Delfi TV interview with Jānis Domburs.

Latvia’s industrial production output up 2% in August

Compared to August 2018, industrial production output1 increased by 2 % in August 2019 according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices.

Politicians Ušakovs and Rubiks removed from the board of Harmony Centre

European Parliament member Nils Ušakovs and politician Alfrēds Rubiks have been excluded from Harmony Centre’s board, according to an official entry in the Latvian Herald.

Faction quotas – the new deputy quotas? Latvian coalition discusses giving money

The ruling coalition in Latvia has discussed the option to allocate one million euros for so-called faction quotas. However, no agreement has been reached so far, as reported by public broadcaster LTV programme Panorāma.

Jurmala’s mayor in hot water again as investigation of possible illegal financing of ZZS reopens

Latvian authorities have restarted criminal prosecution of Jurmala Mayor Gatis Truksnis for possible illegal financing of the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS).

Polish coal mine hit by tragic earthquake

Southern Poland has been hit by an earthquake that has shaken a coal mine injuring 17 miners, including one lethally.

Latvian Defence Minister and European Parliament member decide to join Latvijas attīstībai party

Latvia’s Defence Minister Artis Pabriks and Member of the European Parliament Ivars Ijabs have both decided to join Latvijas attīstībai political party, as confirmed by LA secretary general Jeļena Jesajana.

Latvian Saeima simplifies work safety document submission for remote workers

Latvia’s Saeima has approved in the final reading amendments to Labour Protection Law, adding changes in relation to the safety and health protection of self-employed and remote workers, as reported by Saeima’s press-service.

Both Russia and Germany positive about Ukraine’s deal with separatists

Leaders of Germany and Russia have welcomed as a positive development the agreement between Ukraine and pro-Kremlin separatists on holding local elections in war-torn eastern Ukraine. Local ex-leaders, meanwhile, point to the dangers of the deal.

Shut-down apartment building near Zolitude tragedy site to be finished

Riga City Council and Zolitūde 21.11. Association have reached an agreement in regards to the shut-down apartment building located in Riga, Priedaines Street 20. The plan is finishing the building’s development to ensure it is safe to use for living, as confirmed by the association’s head Regīna Ločmele-Luņova.

FKTK candidate says she is stuck amid «political infighting»

«I believe I have simply ended up in the middle of political infighting, market dispute, or whatever,» public broadcaster LTV programme 900 seconds was told by Santa Purgaile, candidate for the post of chief of Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Bordāns: education minister’s dismissal would mean collapse for the government

If partners of the ruling coalition in Latvia request dismissal for Education and Science Minister Ilga Šuplinska, the existing Cabinet of Ministers will cease to exist, says New Conservative Party leader and Latvia’s Justice Minister Jānis Bordāns.

London’s Brexit proposals suggest leaving Northern Ireland in EU market, not in customs union

To solve the Brexit impasse, by setting forth in the European Union withdrawal agreement that Northern Ireland leaves the bloc’s customs union, while remaining in its single market, such are the proposals submitted by the UK government to the EU.