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Friday 20.07.2018 | Name days: Ramona, Ritma

Economic Diary. Latvia Week 24 of 2012

It cannot be said that this week was rich in grandiose events in the economy, but, nonetheless, it brought several discoveries.

Society will be informed about any state officials’ violations

From now on the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) and the State Revenue Service (SRS) will have the responsibility to inform society about proven cases of state officials’ violations, by publishing the said information on the official websites of the institutions, Saeima press service reports.

46% of residents see no improvements in CPCB work

A relatively large part (46%) of economically active Latvian residents aged from 18 to 55 years see no considerable improvement in work of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau during the last year.

Buyers pay attention to the technical condition of houses more often

Standard type apartment buyers pay more and more attention to the technical condition of the building. Interest towards apartments in restored buildings also grows, as the latest Latio market report.

69% of Latvian residents negatively assess the work of AKKA/LAA

An absolute majority (92%) of economically active Latvian residents age 18-55 believe that the fee for listening to the radio should be cancelled.

Unemployment rate in May – 12.3%

Unemployment rate in the end of May, 2012 was 12.3% of the total number of economically active residents. Compared with April, unemployment rate decreased by 0.6%, as the data from the State Employment Agency (SEA) shows.

airBaltic launches mobile registration service

Latvian national airBaltic airline launches a new service – from now on travellers are able to use mobile phones to book a flight.

Time limits on computer games to be abolished at kindergartens

Ministry of Education and Science is currently reviewing the possibility to abolish the rules that limit the time children are allowed to spend sitting at the computer in pre-school educational institutions.

Book transfer to the new National Library building will cost more than 760 000 LVL

The amount of books planned to be transported to the National Library (NL) building is enough to fit in 637 cargo trucks, as mentioned in the official report on the progress of the realization of the NL project on June 12.

Consumption of medicine increases in Latvia every year

Cardiovascular medicine consumption levels in Latvia increased by 36% last year, as the data compiled by the State Medicine agency (SMA) states.

Experts: number of purchases increases on payday

A tendency for the number of purchases to increase notably on payday is still commonly noted, which is evidences about the lack of money on regular days, as experts of trade and service believe.

Latvian residents are still the most financially insecure in the Baltics

Even though this year, Latvian residents are the most financially secure in the event of sudden changes, compared to last year, in comparison to the rest of Baltic States, Latvia is still the weakest in terms of financial security. The Swedbank financial security index evidences this fact.

Lithuanian President: our country is open to LNG terminal negotiations

«I am pleased to say that we do not have any specific problems. We have common interests in some sectors, especially in terms of the European Union (EU), NATO, energy and transport sectors. Therefore, my official visit will be a confirmation of our friendship,»- President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite commented her two-day visit to Latvia.