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Saturday 21.07.2018 | Name days: Meldra, Meldris, Melisa

Rinkevics condemns jailing Belorussian human rights activist Belyatski

Latvia Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkevics condemns the decision of Belorussian law enforcement authorities to imprison the human rights activist Ales Belyatski for a term of 4.5 years.

Kabanov: Latvia suffers from deficit of democracy

The 11th Saeima member from Harmony Center Nikolai Kabanov believes that Latvia country is suffering from a serious deficit of democracy. He is one of the few officials who have admitted having signed for Russian as an official language.

Steinbuka: events in Lithuanian and Latvian banking system - emergency

The latest events that have been taking place in the Lithuanian and Latvian banking systems are an emergency. Therefore, the European Commission is keeping a close eye on the fact of embezzlement as such, says Inna Steinbuka, head of EC office in Latvia.

Krajbanka liquidation can cost economy over 100 millions

In case Latvijas Krajbanka, which is currently in a severely complex situation, is liquidated, the national economy will lose LVL 100 million or more. According to the latest data, the total deposits hit LVL 580 million.

Scientists discuss the Jewish contribution in Europe

For 2 days Daugavpils, the second biggest town in Latvia, welcomed scientists from seven countries to a conference the Jewish heritage in the European culture.

1 000 new accounts opened at Latvian Post in two days time

Latvian Post branches in Riga and regions have been witnessing significant influx of clients, because people are willing to open accounts, Gundega Varpa, Latvian Post representative told BNN.

People can withdraw LVL 50 from their Krajbanka accounts

AS Latvijas Krajbanka has been ordered to pay out LVL 50 to physical persons up to November 26, 2011, 24:00. The decision was taken by the Financial and Capital Market Commission after it discovered unavailability of deposits at AS Latvijas Krajbanka.

Real estate tax amendments approved

On Tuesday, November 22, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Finance Ministry's proposals for amendments to the law on the real estate tax. It is planned to tax residential auxiliary buildings, except for those which are smaller than 25 square meters.

Also public sector salaries paid via Latvijas Krajbanka

Also the public sector employees' salaries are transferred to bank accounts at Latvijas Krajbanka. It is yet impossible to state the exact number of those affected by the situation.