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Wednesday 18.07.2018 | Name days: Rozālija, Roze

Riga reduces heating tariffs

Starting from January 1 heating tariffs are reduced to 35.37 LVL/MWh (without VAT), which is 4% less than in the last three months of 2010, AS Rīgas siltums told the business news portal BNN.

Finance Minister orders SRS to ensure roof and territory removing from snow

Given that roofs have collapsed in several local government and private buildings, as well as in customs offices due to the uncleared snow, the Finance Minister Andris Vilks ordered the State Revenue Service Director General Nelija Jezdakova to immediately ensure that all SRS building roofs and territories are cleaned from snow.

Nationwide state of emergency to be solved in five days

If the weather permits and no emergency issues takes place, at least five days are necessary to solve the power loss problem, informs Latvenergo subsidiary Sadales tīkls Board Chairman Andis Pinkulis.

Riga to invest 4.9 million lats in road safety

With the aim of improving road safety in Riga, the Ministry of Transport has approved eight projects, which will be implemented with the European Regional Development Fund financial support at the extent of 4.9 million lats, the Ministry informs the business news portal BNN.

Lasco Investment declared insolvent

This week, Riga City Vidzeme District Court declared Lasco Investment, which is owned by the joint-stock company Latvian Shipping Company, insolvency, indicate the Insolvency Register entry.

December shows housing prices drop

December 2010 reported 0.8 % series apartment price drop for the first time during the year, amounting to an average price of 609 EUR/m2.

Professor: Latvia’s recovery from crisis could be longer than expected

Latvia’s recovery from the crisis could be much longer than we expect, the Professor at the University of Latvia and Sorbonne University Baiba Savrina states.

Producer prices in Latvia surge 0.2%

Producer prices in Latvia grew by 0.2% in November, 2010, compared to October, which is the second smallest growth in the European Union.

E-ticket payments possible in trains from May 2011

Starting from May 2011 it will be possible to use e-tickets in trains, which are currently used to pay fares in Riga public transport. AS Pasažieru vilciens e-ticket will be implemented in three stages.

18 000 households still left without electricity

In the morning of January 5 about 18 000 households in Latvia were still left without electricity, moreover, the number grew by 1 500 households more, due to precipitation.

Tourism bureau Key Promotions goes bankrupt

The notorious tourism bureau Key Promotions creditors have decided to launch the company's bankruptcy procedure, according to the information available at the Insolvency Register.

Finance Ministry specifies persons righteous to 0% VAT rate

The Cabinet of Ministers has specified the range of people righteous to purchase goods and services in the territory of Latvia with the 0% VAT (value added tax) rate.

Sugar to become a luxury

Poor harvest of sugar cane in Brasil and Australia endangers Europeans, including, Latvians as well, as might result in sugar becoming a treasured luxury - as in the Middle Ages.

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