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Friday 22.03.2019 | Name days: Tamāra, Dziedra

Ushakov shouldn't worry about another euro referendum

As soon as one voting is over, politicians are already expecting the next one. Nils Ushakov, the winning party Harmony Center's prime minister candidate, thinks that a referendum should be set up for people to have a say in whether to join the eurozone or not.

Karnite: hard times await Latvia

In order to predict whether the emergency Saeima elections will affect the current national economic policy, it is important to know who will be the new prime minister and finance minister. Given the events in Europe, it is clear that Latvia can expect hard times, Raita Karnite, board member of the Economic Forecasting Centre, admits in an interview to the news portal BNN.

Latvia drops to 60th place in economic freedom rating

Latvia has taken the 60th place in the latest economic freedom rating compiled by Canada’s Fraser Institute, according to the Institute’s latest Economic Freedom of the World 2011 Annual Report.

Bank of Latvia: Estonians have better financial logics

Estonian budget policy of the past ten years shows that, unlike Latvia, Estonians have always had good financial logics. They always spend only what has been earned so that they do not need to borrow, says Olegs Tkachev, Bank of Latvia economist.

62% of Latvia population object to two national languages

The majority or 62% of all the economically active population aged 18 to 55 disapproves of Russian as the second national language in Latvia, according to TNS Latvia and LNT survey.

Shteinbuka: better social indicators to signal end of crisis

Inna Steinbuka, the head of the European Commission Representation, believes that to a certain extent the crisis is over, because Latvia is no longer under the threat of insolvency. "But in general it still lingers, since we still feel social consequences," she says.

The king is dead. Long live the king!

This is what Duke of Orleans uttered on the death day of King Louis XIV, when saluting to the next one – 5-year-old Louis XV. We can compare this to parliamentarism in Latvia. The 10th Saeima has finally gone down in history. Latvians elected a new one on Saturday, September 17.

BNN survey: Lembergs and Urbanovics’ alliance turned out to be short-lived

The news agency BNN published an analytical article «Lembergs and Urbanovics – «brothers forever»», conducting a survey of portals,, visitors about their attitudes towards Harmony Centre and Greens and Farmers Union leaders' tandem at the 11th Saeima. The survey findings were compiled prior to elections and coincided with the election outcome.

14 085 Latvian citizens abroad participated in elections

14 085 voters abroad took part at the 11th Saeima emergency elections held on September 17, informs the Foreign Affairs Ministry Press Centre.

27% of citizens believe next prime minister should come from Harmony Center

Over one-fourth (27%) of the economically-active citizens of Latvia aged 18 to 55 years believe that the next prime minister should be chosen from the representatives of the party Harmony Centre.

Today – 11th Saeima emergency elections

On Saturday, September 17, Latvia is holding the 11th Saeima elections following the Central Election Commission's decision based on July 23 referendum on the 10th Saeima dissolution.

Skele leaving politics - loss or gain?

Long standing politician Andris Skele has announced that he is set to leave politics once and for all after the 10th Saeima deputy mandate is put down. Instead he is about to take up dairy farming.

Sipeniece-Gavare: problem - we are too naive

A video clip circulating around on the Internet - Let's vote for smart Latvia (Latvian: Balsojam par gudru Latviju) wonders why people vote for lies and urges to vote for smarter Latvia. "This clip is no advertising of a particular politic party. It is rather a call to see what we are voting for," Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, one of the project's supporters, told the news portal BNN.

Job vacancy rate surges 0.2%

Compared to late March, the number of occupied job posts in June 2011 has risen by 19.8 thousand or 2.6%. In the private sector, the number has surged by 18.2 thsd or 3.7%, while in the public sector – by 1.6 thsd or 0.6%.

Heating debts up 25% versus 2010

Heating debts have surged 25% over September, 2010, now accounting for 25 million lats, according to the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments.

Sociologist: five parties to definitely get over 5% barrier

It is safe to say that five parties will get over the five percent barrier, believes Arnis Kaktins, sociologist and director of the research centre SKDS, adding that these elections, like any others, might bring surprises.