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Friday 23.08.2019 | Name days: Valgudis, Ralfs, Vitālijs

Ober-Haus: stable housing market activity

In March 2011, housing prices remained flat, only with some segments reporting a small increase. The average price of non-renovated serial apartments in Riga residential areas was 577 euro/m2.

Excise tax raise on tobacco – not the only alternative

The National Association of Tobacco Manufacturers (NATM) believes the government’s proposed budget amendments estimates are questionable. It is impossible to meet these amendments now submitted to the Saeima, because experience shows revenues drop and illegal market spikes.

Latvenergo not to collect contractual penalties for payment delays

Latvenergo promises not to calculate fines for households misunderstanding the new tariffs.

Demand drops as fuel prices soar

The surging fuel prices are causing the consumption drop, which cannot be compensated by the new Excise Tax Law.

EC representative: Latvia has good government e-service level

The level of the state administration e-service development in Latvia is sufficient and exceeds the European Union’s average level, says Paul Timmers, the acting director of the European Commission's Information Society and Media Directorate-General.

Smuggling hits 37% in Latvia

Illegal market proportion hovers around the level of 2010 also in the first months of 2011, making up 38% and 37.75%, respectively. The brand More, mostly imported from Russia, makes up the major part of the smuggled cigarettes.

Housing prices in Riga rise 1.4%

In March 2011, the apartment prices in Riga spiked 1.4%, with the buy-out of cheap apartments fostering the average price increase.

Potholes make up 30.5% of total BTA insurance claims

If last year 419 CASCO and CASCO Potholes claims were received due to damage caused by hitting a pothole, then during the first 80 days (2.5 months) of 2011 already 30.5% of the total number of claims filed in 2010 have been received.

Households debt to Latvijas Gāze – 6.5 million lats

In March 2011, the total household debt to the company AS Latvijas Gāze comprised about 6.4 million lats, while the number of debtors – 132 000 people. Compared to 2010, the total debt has surged 1.7 million lats, Latvijas Gāze press secretary Vinsents Makaris informs the business news portal BNN.

Consumers’ loyalty to Latvia-produced sugar keeps prices up

People's desire to buy sugar produced in Latvia, regardless its price, kept sugar price high, concludes the Competition Council (CC), when assessing the competitive situation in ordinary one-kilogram pre-packaged sugar market.

Expert: part of state administration takes bribes

There are three different groups taking bribes in state administration, whereas a combination of sudden caprices and constant competition among the strongest players runs the state, says the former State Chancellery Policy Coordination Department deputy head Uģis Šics.

One in three motorcycles in Latvia has OCTA insurance

Although currently only every third motorcycle in Latvia has an OCTA insurance (Compulsory Motor Owners Third Party Liability Insurance), judging from the experience of the previous years, people will buy the policies five times more in April, ERGO forecasts.

Ventspils Mayor: international lenders are mostly right

We cannot say the international lenders requirements are wrong, for the most part they are right, Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs says, stressing the lenders want Latvia to progress, hence the strict requirements.

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