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Sunday 18.08.2019 | Name days: Liene, Helēna, Elena, Ellena, Liena

Abolishing the reduced VAT rate would add a santim to kilowatt-hour price

If the government adopted the decision to abolish the reduced value added tax rate to electric energy, people would have to pay a santim more for each kilowatt-hour.

State Audit Office: low-income benefits granted for families with six cars

Social security net funds were spent on such people, who despite their needy family status, have managed to purchase even several cars, concluded the State Audit Office of Latvia (SAO).

Government considers applying 22% VAT rate to electricity

When working on 2011 state budget the government is also considering the proposal of applying 22% value added tax rate to electricity, confirms the Deputy Chairman of Latvian Free Trade Unions' Association Egils Baldzens.

State Audit Office: unjustified use of half a million lats on social security net fulfillment

The State Audit Office (SAO) informs national and municipal authorities responsible for «Safety Net and Social Sector Reform Program» between the Republic of Latvia and the World Bank setting social security net measures fulfillment have spent 462 167.28 lats improperly.

University of Latvia professor: Russia's influence on Latvian economy is a myth

Russia's power of influencing the Latvian economy is a myth - regarding economic relations, Latvia does not have to be afraid of Russia, as we are deeply integrated in the common economic space of the European Union, data testifies for that, said University of Latvia associate professor Ojārs Skudra.

Latvian consumers trust local farmers’ production more

Buyers prefer visiting farmer markets because they have more confidence in the local production than in products of unknown origin. Besides, country goods are regarded as healthier and more delicious, indicates Sky&More survey.

Government wants to reduce 2011 budget by 180 million lats

The government of Latvia wants to reduce 2011 budget only by 180 million lats.

Businessman Abdulmuslimovs: there is no Chechen mafia in Latvia

Latvia is beginning to resemble a typical Asian or Arab state, where only relatives take up posts, believes the businessman Bislans Abdulmuslimovs born in Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Republic.

CPB once halted investigation on «money launderer's» close person Bors

In 2006 CPCB investigated with the record money-launderer Artis Hartmanis connected person, the leading Constitutional Protection Bureau (CPB) counterintelligence head Aigars Bors, due to alleged unlawful activities with the so-called «undercover passport» issuing. However with the help of CPB high-ranking officials, the investigation was stopped.

Coalition considers Bank of Latvia spending cuts

Along with different state budget consolidation measures, the coalition has also discussed options of reducing the Bank of Latvia (BL) administrative expenditures, including the option of embodying the salaries of the Bank's employees into the single-salary system.

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