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Friday 06.12.2019 | Name days: Niklāvs, Niks, Nikolajs

Oskars Abolins appointed as the SFRS Chief

On Tuesday, March 22, the government appointed the current SFRS Riga Region Administration head, Major Oskars Abolins as the Chief of the State Fire and Rescue Service. Abolins’ candidacy to the SFRS Chief’s post was named by the Interior Minister Linda Mūrniece.

Riga can be fined half a million euro for poor quality air

Last week, air quality was regarded good enough in Riga City Center, however dust particle concentration threshold was exceeded in three days of the period during March 14 and 21, reaching already 20 out of 30 acceptable excessive dust particles concentration in a year.

Shrinking business sector bad debts

Last year, bad debts recovery of 161 077 627 lats was passed over to extra-judicial debt collection, including 29 605 legal persons (B2B) debts totalling 26 337 603 lats and 389 156 private persons (B2C) debts of 134 740 023 lats, according to Latvian-of-Court Debts Recovery Association data based on information provided by the leading companies of the sector.

Swedbank's employee appropriated money of pensioners and the deceased

The State Police has detained a bank’s employee in Riga, who was born in 1983 and has repeatedly transferred money from deceased persons and pensioners’ accounts to some company’s account, who then transferred the money back to the woman.

Riga Traffic to abandon tire locks in city parking

Limited liability company of Riga municipality Rīgas Satiksme (Riga Traffic) is considering to abandon tire locks in Riga city parking in cases drivers have not paid for the parking space or have parked their cars wrong, Riga Mayor Nils Ušakovs says.

Competition Council fines 22 banks 5.5 million lats for cartel

The Competition Council of Latvia (CC) has imposed 22 commercial banks a 5.5 million lats fine for fixing commission payments on ATM services and credit card payments, the CC representative Inita Kabanova says. Swedbank is fined 2.83 million lats and Citadele bank – 1.22 million lats.

Livestock farming grew in 2010

The number of livestock kept in Latvia grew in late 2010: the number of cattle – by 1.3 thousand or by 0.3%, of pigs – by 13.2 thousand or by 3.5%, of sheep – by 6.1 thousand or by 8.7% and the number of goats by 0.3 thousand or by 1.8%.

Growing Russian investors interest in commercial premises in Riga

Early 2011 reported surging Russian investors interest in purchasing commercial premises in Riga and Old Riga, opting for restaurant and shop premises with stable tenants.

ES funds granted for tram infrastructure improvement in Liepaja and Daugavpils

The Transport Ministry has approved two projects to improve the tram infrastructure in Liepaja and Daugavpils. They will be implemented with the European Regional Development Fund co-financing.

Latvia starts Census 2011 second stage with 870 000 households to visit

Today, March 17, Latvia is starting the second stage of population Census 2011 to last up to May 31. Nearly 2 000 interviewers are to visit more than 870 000 households.

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