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Friday 06.12.2019 | Name days: Niklāvs, Niks, Nikolajs

Product prices in Latvia approach consumers spending limits

Currently, the Saeima's proposed amendments to the Competition Law will not only reduce the assortment of goods and launch of new products, but also worsen the local production possibilities to compete with imported goods, indicates Noris Krūzītis, the Executive Director of the Latvian Food Traders Association.

Passenger carriers to protest, up to 50% of runs might be cancelled

On March 24, a warning protest campaign will be held, during which we have called for regional passenger carriers to significantly reduce the number of runs, it is expected that up to 50% of runs could be stopped, the Passenger Carriers’ Association Director Imants Zālītis reveals to the business news portal BNN.

Expert: solution for pension problem – social budget revenue rise

In the long-term, the only way out from the vicious circle of pension problems is boosting the social budget revenue, which can be achieved by business development and legal remuneration promotion. In a situation with low income of the people, the social budget spending cuts alone will not solve the problem.

Usakovs appoints indebted businessman City Development Department head

Riga Mayor Nils Ušakovs has appointed businessman Uldis Jansons Riga City Development Department head. Jansons liabilities exceed 230 thousand euro.

Expert: not all institutions take into account Personal Data Protection Law

The current situation shows not all institutions consider Personal Data Protection Law, neither do they see how it applies to certain IT projects, according to data protection expert Māris Ruķers.

Census has already counted 200 000 persons

On Friday at 12.59:14 pm 200 000 persons have «counted themselves» in Census 2011 electronically. Riga residents spend about 19 minutes and 50 seconds on filling in the census questionnaire. Most often online questionnaires are filled in for four household members - two adults and two children.

SRS Electronic Declaration System under temporary ban

The State Revenue Service’s Electronic Declaration System users who have obtained other person’s identification number can use it to find out this person’s name, surname, declared address and other data.

New airlines to join airport Riga this year

This year, the Scandinavian airline Skyways will launch flights to Riga, operating ten flights per week from Gothenburg. Also, the Israeli national airline's El Al charter company Sundor will fly once a week from Tel Aviv. Overall, 19 airlines will operate at the airport Riga this summer.

Save Latvia raises money for sovereign debt repayment

«Your donation will help to achieve a heroic deed. Become a hero!» This is a slogan of a law student Matīss Bārtulis site Save Latvia, developed to raise donations in order to help Latvia repay its sovereign debt to the International Monetary Fund.

State Employment Agency Head: unemployment in Latvia – 14.5%

Lately, the unemployment rates have been flat, there are no significant changes this year. The unemployment rate in January and February was 14.5%, which means there are 160 000 jobless people, indicates the State Employment Agency Head Baiba Paševica.

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