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Ceturtdiena 12.12.2019 | Name days: Otīlija, Iveta

Economist: Latvian economic growth resembles climbing a slippery slope

It is possible to compare the Latvian economic growth over the past decade with climbing up a slippery slope – rapid growth is replaced by a sharp drop, says Dainis Gašpuitis, the economist at SEB banka.

Income per family member drops by 40 lats a month

Income per family member amounted to 214 lats in 2009, which is 16% or 40 lats less than in 2008. The situation with a household income was an extraordinary one in 2009, as it dropped for most of households, while keeping flat or even surging for pensioners (26% of all the households).

Expert: gas era replaces cheap oil period

The cheap oil period has come to an end and the further price surge will be dictated by both extracting resource decrease and more complex oil extraction. At the moment, we are in front of a golden age of gas, considers Dainis Gašpuitis, the economist at SEB banka.

External trade turnover spikes 43.2%

In December 2010, the total external trade turnover at current prices was 1032.6 milion lats – 4.0% or 40.0 million lats more, compared to a month before, and 43.2% or 311.5 million lats more, compared to December 2009.

People to be divided in groups for shadow economy combat

In order to combat the shadow economy, politicians are considering the possibility of applying the Deputy’s Ingrīda Circene prepared health insurance concept that would divide the population into three groups.

Triatel: decreasing number of rural inhabitants

The telecommunications operator Triatel is more and more affected by the consequences of the crisis – the migration of rural region inhabitants to foreign countries. Such trend was observed while considering the reasons why clients give up Triatel services, as well as by assessing new customers growth rate.

Latvia acquires Latvijas Finieris shares

The company Latvijas Valsts meži has purchased the first ten AS Latvijas Finieris shares; moreover, it plans to buy more. These shares comprise about 0.3% of the total stock.

Transport Minister: Latvia should increase its influence on airBaltic

Currently, airBaltic shareholders’ cooperation agreement is being assessed, and I wish the state, the major shareholder of the airline, would have more influence on the company, indicates the Transport Minister Uldis Augulis.

Electricity tariffs likely to rise 40%

The electricity tariff increase in April could be devastating and far exceed the promised 20%. The Public Utilities Commission intends to have a meeting on February 14 on the new electricity tariff draft set to come into force on April 1, this year.

Budget should not be «mended» at farmers expense

In 2011, the volume of agricultural subsidies – 6 million lats – covers only the most urgent expenses of farmers; therefore, it can boost the unemployment in rural areas.

Study: supermarkets not interested in clients service

After evaluating the clients service quality in the leading supermarkets of Latvia, the results formed only an indicator of 58.2%, which suggests low quality clients service among the sales personnel, according to SIA Service Quality Development study.

Heating costs in Riga to drop 13%

In January Riga residents will have to pay for heating on average by 13% less than in December 2010, indicates the analysis of AS Rīgas Siltums issued bills in January 2011 and December 2010.

Latvia to pay 100 000 lats in compensations for Talsi tragedy

On Wednesday, February 9, the Supreme Court Senate upheld the ruling that stipulates exacting 100 000 lats compensation from the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service for the caused damages in the tragedy that occurred in Talsi in 1997.

Public relations specialist: new political force could emerge before next elections

A new political force could be created before the next elections in Latvia, concedes the public relations specialist Jurģis Liepnieks, adding he is sceptical about the formation of a new party. The current political offer is not sufficient, he says.

Manufacturing turnover grows 13.2%

The manufacturing turnover grew 13.2% last year, compared to September, including in the domestic market – by 2.6% and export - 27.4%, indicates the Central Statistical Bureau data.

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