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Sunday 19.01.2020 | Name days: Alnis, Andulis

Idea not to recover small tax debts

If it were permitted by the law, small tax debts not exceeding 10 lats could be freed from collection. The current legislation does not allow not carrying out debt collection to small debts reaching only a couple of santims or lats.

Latvia reports the highest number of jobseekers in Baltics

Compared with its neighbours Lithuania and Estonia, last year Latvia had the largest proportion of unemployed persons –18.7%.

Few imports from Japan not to raise concern

Currently, the incoming cargos from Japan are checked at the European Union’s (EU) external borders. Yet overall, the number of freights from Japan to Latvia is small, therefore there are no grounds for concern, the Food and Veterinary Service spokeswoman Anna Joffe points out to the business news portal BNN.

Corruption Prevention Bureau head said to have ordered phone tapping politicians

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) head Normunds Vilnitis has violated the law by asking to phone tap several politicians, CPCB senior officer Juris Jurass announced at a meeting of Saeima Corruption Prevention Subcommittee on March 22.

53.1% of Latvia able-bodied population employed

The economically active population has dropped 2.6%, compared to 2009. Nearly two thirds (65.3%) of this age group were economically active - 69.5% among men and 61.5% among women. All in all 940.9 thousand persons (53.1% of population aged from 15 to 74) were employed in 2010.

Oskars Abolins appointed as the SFRS Chief

On Tuesday, March 22, the government appointed the current SFRS Riga Region Administration head, Major Oskars Abolins as the Chief of the State Fire and Rescue Service. Abolins’ candidacy to the SFRS Chief’s post was named by the Interior Minister Linda Mūrniece.

Riga can be fined half a million euro for poor quality air

Last week, air quality was regarded good enough in Riga City Center, however dust particle concentration threshold was exceeded in three days of the period during March 14 and 21, reaching already 20 out of 30 acceptable excessive dust particles concentration in a year.

Shrinking business sector bad debts

Last year, bad debts recovery of 161 077 627 lats was passed over to extra-judicial debt collection, including 29 605 legal persons (B2B) debts totalling 26 337 603 lats and 389 156 private persons (B2C) debts of 134 740 023 lats, according to Latvian-of-Court Debts Recovery Association data based on information provided by the leading companies of the sector.

Swedbank's employee appropriated money of pensioners and the deceased

The State Police has detained a bank’s employee in Riga, who was born in 1983 and has repeatedly transferred money from deceased persons and pensioners’ accounts to some company’s account, who then transferred the money back to the woman.

Riga Traffic to abandon tire locks in city parking

Limited liability company of Riga municipality Rīgas Satiksme (Riga Traffic) is considering to abandon tire locks in Riga city parking in cases drivers have not paid for the parking space or have parked their cars wrong, Riga Mayor Nils Ušakovs says.

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