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Wednesday 29.01.2020 | Name days: Valērijs, Aivars

Government approves excise tax rise to cigarettes, gasoline and alcohol

Today, March 29, the government of Latvia approved increasing excise tax rate to cigarettes, strong spirits and gasoline. The increased excise will come into force starting from July 1, 2011.

Baltic record prices of milk and sugar – in Latvia

Comparison of food prices in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn supermarkets shows food is about 38% more expensive in the capital city of Latvia than in its neighbouring states.

Municipalities to employ millions worth unnamed specialists

In late 2010 more than a million lats was paid to Latvian municipalities in advance to promote their administrative capacity.

2012 budget to spend 291 million lats less

State base budget expenditures for the next year’s budget are planned to form 3. 017 billion lats, which is 290.9 million lats less than in 2011 budget, according to the Cabinet of Ministers approved base budget expenditure for 2012-2014.

Latvian company Baltrotors employee shoots himself

Latvia town Salaspils company Baltrotors employee attempted to commit suicide today, March 28, and was rushed to the hospital in a very grave condition, according to BNN information.

Construction costs in Latvia drop 0.5%

Compared to January 2011, construction costs in Latvia dropped 0.5% on average in February this year. Costs of machinery and equipment maintenance fell 0.6%, construction materials prices - 0.2% and labour remuneration - 1%.

22 000 state and municipal jobs cut within two years

In the final quarter of 2010, the number of employees working at the state budget-funded institutions and enterprises comprised 185 233 people, which is 8.3% of the total number of inhabitants in Latvia. Within two years the number of the state and local government institutions and capital companies’ workers has decreased by 25.5 thousand people, forming 1% of the total population.

Auditor General: Latvenergo tariff is yet another tax

Until the state development vision is not defined, there will be no correct actions regarding the budget or reforms, the State Auditor General Inguna Sudraba indicates.

Alfa: situation in special unit has stabilized

Currently, the situation in the special task unit Alfa has returned to normal, the special unit deputy commander Juris Grabovskis recognizes.

34% more mineral fertilisers used on agricultural crops in 2010

Last year, 34% of the utilised agricultural land was treated with mineral fertilisers. In 2010, 55% of the total area of agricultural crops were treated with mineral fertilisers (in 2009 – 50%), of which 78% of cereals (in 2009 – 73%) and 89% of industrial crops (in 2009 – 71%).

VAT payments hit 109 million lats in February

This February the value added tax contributions comprised 108.8 million lats, which is in accordance to the average monthly VAT revenues, informs the Finance Ministry.

Inhabitants to pay ridiculous taxes if cadastral valuation system is not changed

The existing amendments to the cadastral valuation provisions are rather superficial, because the entire cadastral valuation system should be reviewed, considers Andris Jaunsleinis, the Chairman of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments.

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