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Monday 18.11.2019 | Name days: Doloresa, Aleksandrs

VAT rise would increase households annual expenses by 100 lats

The revocation of reduced value added tax rates, and the VAT base rate raise would affect all the inhabitants of Latvia – the expenses of average family with three people would increase by approximately 100 lats per year, suggest the estimates of Swedbank Institute of Private Finances.

Estonia wants to repay Soviet-era debt to Latvia

The Estonian government is considering to repay Latvia more than two million kroons worth loan. Estonian Consulate General received the sum from the Latvian Republic’s embassy in Washington in 1989.

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: government declaration – constructive work basis

«Despite businessmen are not satisfied with the future government declaration development process, the content of the declaration is the key priority,» says Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Board Chairwoman Žaneta Jaunzeme – Grende.

Swedbank: tax rise to encourage tax evasion

Further tax increase may even more propel avoidance of tax pay, especially if the volume of shadow economy does not decrease and the society’s confidence in expenditure reduction process declines, assert Swedbank economists.

Latvia President nominates Dombrovskis as Prime Minister

The President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers announced today, November 2, that the current Head of the government Valdis Dombrovskis (the party New Era) is nominated as the Candidate for the Prime Minister post.

Riga Central Market not quick to get rid of mediators

AS Rīgas centrāltirgus (Riga Central Market) plans developing a new land lease regulations; however the existing contracts most likely will remain in force.

Car insurance to be more expensive in 2011

After a huge drop in prices within two years’ time – for OCTA (about 50%) and KASKO (about 20%) policies – the insurers expect a return to the climb in prices next year. OCTA price is likely to increase even by 30%, but KASKO – by 20%.

Economist: selling Citadele and Parex Bank could reduce the state debt

By selling the almost entirely state-owned AS Parex banka and the created AS Citadele banka as its reorganisation result the state could exempt the currently frozen state deposits at both banks and reduce the state’s external debt, indicated Nordea Bank senior economist Andris Strazds.

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