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Ceturtdiena 02.04.2020 | Name days: Imgarde, Irmgarde

Retirement age to reach 70 years

When assessing the social budget sustainability, it is not excluded that the retirement age could amount to 70 years, the Finance Minister Andris Vilks, DnB Nord Bank economic expert Peteris Strautiņš and Welfare Ministry’s Deputy State Secretary Ingus Alliks say.

Economists: difficult to predict fuel price gains

There is a number of factors to have an impact on future fuel price gains, thus it is very difficult to forecast the price drivers will have to pay, economists say.

Excise duty rise to boost pack of cigarettes price by 10 santims

Starting from July 1 this year, the excise tax for cigarettes might boost the price of a pack by about 10 santims, including the VAT.

2 067 e-signature users in Latvia

In nearly a month's time, 5 610 persons have applied for an electronic signature (e-signature) on its Internet site, launched on February 1. Out of them, 2 067 are already e-signature users as they have approached a library in Latvia with their application and obtained it.

Latvia’s exports grew record-high last year

In 2010, Latvia’s agricultural and food product exports hit record-high – 818 million lats. Compared to the first half of 2010, exports surged 47% in the last quarter of 2010, totalling 250 million lats, the Agriculture Minister Jānis Dūklavs says.

Number of budget places at universities to drop 10%

Starting from September 1, this year, the number of budget places for first year university students might drop by 600 places, reveals the Education and Science Minister Rolands Broks.

Expert: fuel price to surge 5 santims

It is expected fuel price will increase by five santims due to the increased excise duty rate, value added tax, as well as duties on the state crisis reserve provision, the Head of the Latvian Fuel Traders’ Association Uldis Sakne indicates to the business news portal BNN.

Swedbank: tax rise to boost inflation

If the scheduled tax increase is approved in the proposed version, it will clearly raise inflation, indicates Dainis Stikuts, the senior economist at Swedbank.

Tourists turnover at hotels surges 17.7%

In 2010, the number of visitors in hotels and other accommodation places comprised 1 312 thousand people – an increase of 17.7%, compared to 2009. The number of visitors from Latvia edged up 20.5%, but of foreign visitors – 16.4%.

30% would cover costly tests and surgeries with health insurance

Every third resident of Latvia would use health insurance policy to cover expensive medical tests or surgeries. While about 40% of the respondents would utilize their policy for dental services, but 30% – for hospital treatment.

Advance payments used for situation improvement

In 2010, the local governments’ consolidated budget formed a surplus of 54 million lats due to advance payments.

Millions overpaid for medicines

Despite many medicines in the list of reimbursable medicines are equally effective, patients opt for more expensive ones. For example, in the last 11 months of 2010, patients overpaid more than eight million lats, according to Health Payment Center.

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