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Monday 20.01.2020 | Name days: Aļģirds, Orests, Oļģerts, Alģis

Debt recovery service charge - not more than 12 lats

Debt collectors are not allowed to visit people at the weekends and in week days after 9 PM. The government has supported the new law, which governs the extrajudicial debt recovery. The Ministry of Economy intends with the help of the new law to tackle aggressive debt collection. The law still has to be revised in the Saeima.

Buckwheat «snatched out» in Latvia stores

Information on upcoming buckwheat price increase has caused public concern, therefore buckwheat and other cereals products' choice in the stores is rapidly decreasing.

External trade turnover grew by 7.6% in July

The total external trade turnover on actual prices in July this year formed 874.8 milj. lats which is 7.6% or 62.1 milj. lats more than the previous month and by 34.6% (225.1 milj) more than in July last year, according to the Central Statistical Bureau data.

Centralization of service pensions

The Saeima has adopted amendments in seven bills that provide centralization of service pensions administration assigning this task to State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA).

Notorious TM Security «cleared out» Hotel Elefant by force

The scandalous Hotel Elefant «clearance», when its management and employees were forced to leave, was conducted by the notorious security company TM Security, which had been involved in many scandals already before.

Opposition leaves reading of Tallinn draft budget

The Tallinn City Council spent only 17 minutes on the first reading of the draft budget for 2011 for the City of Tallinn because the opposition factions refused to take part in the debate.

Court forbids Munkevics to be elected in Jurmala City Council institutions and posts

Jurmala City Court on Wednesday (September 8) decided to forbid Raimonds Munkevics, who is accused of giving bribes, to be elected in Jurmala City Council institutions and positions. Whereas he is not forbidden to approach Jurmala City Council member Iveta Blaua or other members of the local government.

82% of people feel confident in speaking with employers

The majority - 82% of the economically active population of Latvia feel confident in speaking with their employers.

Connections – key factor in job search

The data obtained from DnB NORD Latvijas barometrs poll show that the inhabitants of Latvia believe that it is easier to get a job through acquaintances.

Court to apply additional security measure for Munkevics

Jurmala Court will decide on the possibility of applying additional security measure to Raimonds Munkevics. Jurmala City Council deputy Iveta Blaua, who is in a status of witness in the case, considers that from the custody released and in corruption accused colleague could influence her.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Riga

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will stay in Riga on Monday and Tuesday during her official visit.

Piebalgs: Zoellick’s confusion about daily 100 lats pay was an unfortunate joke

The World Bank (WB) President Robert Zoellick’s incomprehension about 100 lats pay per day for the unemployed in Latvia was a very luckless joke, emphasized European Union (EU) Commissioner for Development, Andris Piebalgs.

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