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Wednesday 16.10.2019 | Name days: Daiga, Dinija

Dombrovskis may become a high-rank EU commissioner

If Latvia’s ex-Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis ends up nominated to become a European commissioner, he may become an important post, believes European People's Party’s European Commission's presidential candidate, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker.

Video: water skiing with excavator. Why not?

What to do best when you've got a spare minute, a large pond and an excavator? Water ski, of course.

Video: Fire breathing in slow motion

In this video, shot with 24 sport cameras, viewers can observe the art of fire breathing in slow motion and how this dangerous activity looks from the fire breather's point of view.

Lithuanian protesters demand Russia to stop occupation of Georgian territories

On the 5th anniversary of Russian-Georgian war, a protest was held in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius to voice suppot for Georgia's territorial integrity. Five years ago Russia provoked an open military conflict with the Caucasus state, which resulted in the occupation of South Ossetia.

UK welcomes new heir to throne

British Duchess of Cambridge – formerly Catherine Middleton - has given birth to a baby boy. Characteristic to UK's society bookmakers place bets guessing the name Catherine and William will choose for their son.

Cameraman films polar bear attacking him

Documentary filmmakers try to get up close and personal with their subjects of study, Gordon Buchanan, however, has done something special. As part of his exciting documentary The Polar Bear Family and Me, he went to the Arctic and locking himself inside a protective booth so he could capture unseen footage of polar bears in the wild.

U.S. and France doubt chemical weapons use by Syrian rebels

Moscow has announced it possesses proof that Syrian rebels have used the sarin nerve gas in March in a missile attack on Aleppo. The U.S and France doubt this claim.

Three perish in San Francisco plane crash

A plane with 291 passengers on board has crashed at landing in San Francisco, the U.S. Technical problems and pilot skills have been mentioned as causes of the tragic accident.

Army opens fire at Morsi supporters in Egypt

At least seven people were killed in Egypt, when its army attempted to disperse a sit-in staged by supporters of removed President Mohammed Morsi in Cairo.

Video: fastest hand-clapper on Earth

Bryan Bednarek has set a new world record in a distinctive sports discipline – fast-clapping.

Orchestra plays «Carmen» on smartphones and tablets

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra has done something extraordinary: played Georges Bizet's opera «Carmen» by using musical instruments made of smartphones and tablets.

VIDEO: World's largest ship built in S-Korea

South Korean DSME shipyard is building the world's largest Triple-E vessel.