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Sunday 19.01.2020 | Name days: Alnis, Andulis

Video: What happens when a nuclear bomb explodes under water

According to Pat Bradley, one of the cameramen who documented US atomic tests during the 1950s, the Wahoo and Umbrella underwater explosions were more amazing than a atmospheric nuclear explosion. Watch this stunning video and listen to him explaining his experience of living these explosions just 2.5 miles away.

VIDEO: The World In 2 Minutes

It is always exciting to travel to different countries, but it takes time and money. What if it was all possible in just 2 minutes and for free?

VIDEO: Angry Birds' pigs get their own game

The pigs from the popular game Angry Birds that have served as fierce enemies of the birds will now have their own game, according to the Finnish game developer Rovio.

VIDEO: Nasa captures giant Sun eruption

NASA has captured a huge filament eruption on the Sun.

The most expensive dishes in the world – too expensive even for the rich

Not everyone can afford dining at the most exclusive Parisian restaurants, later paying a three digit bill. However, that is, by far, not the highest price category for the most expensive dishes. There is an entire list of the most exquisite dishes, merely looking at the prices of which even the richest people lose their appetite.

Gentoo penguins «change outfits» in Riga Zoo

The visit of the third largest penguins in the world, Gentoo penguins, to Riga Zoo has caused an unexpectedly increased interest of visitors. According to the zoo, more than 35 000 visitors watched the penguins by August 21.

VIDEO: World's most dangerous marketplace

Samut Songkhram, located around 59 km west of Bangkok, Thailand, houses Maeklong Market, which is most probably the most dangerous marketplace in the world. Why?

Interpretations: Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know

Last year the song Somebody That I Used to Know recorded by the Australian musician Gotye (Wouter De Backer) made its author famous also beyond the national borders.

VIDEO: Airline fined for in-flight bikini show

Vietnamese low cost airline VietJetAir has been fined 1 000 dollars for hosting an in-flight bikini show.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton dances again

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has taken part in a dinner hosted by the South African Foreign Minister in Johannesburg, showing once again that she loves dancing.

Misfortunes of the Latvian Culture Minister in USA

The visit of Latvia’s Culture Minister Žanete Jaunzeme-Grende to USA for the XIII Latvian Song festival was full of different incidents. The minister did not make it to her plane, lost her national costume and earned sarcastic comments regarding her English pronunciation.

90th birthday gift - skydiving

A man from the US state of Maine, Lester Slate, knows how to celebrate the tender age of 90 - he goes skydiving.

VIDEO: Merkel gets Hitler's moustache

A Dutch TV news station has accidentally given the German Chancellor Angela Merkel a Hitler moustache.

Legendary climber thanks his «Latvian blood»

"It's one of the happiest days of my life, one of the hardest days of my life," once said Edmund (Ed) Viestur, American climber of Latvian origin. He was when describing his success in conquering Nepal's Annapurna.

Greek politician slaps woman live on TV

Greek prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for the far-right Golden Dawn party member after he slapped a woman live on TV.

Cat turned into a helicopter

The Dutch artist Bart Jansen has found a way not to grieve too much for his dead cat Orville.

Espresso machine makes coffee at sms request

A tech startup in the US city of Seattle has come up with an innovative way employers can pamper their staff. It has engineered an espresso machine that makes coffee after it receives a text message.

Want to spend the night in a tree?

Great Britain is holding its traditional Norfolk and Norwich festival, where Air Hotel offers a chance to spend the night in "pods" hung from trees.

65th Cannes film festival to open soon

This year the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival will be held from May 16 to May 27.

The Avengers break revenue record

The new movie - a superhero mash-up called The Avengers has broken all the domestic revenue records in the Unites States, collecting $200.3 million.

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