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Ceturtdiena 20.02.2020 | Name days: Smuidra, Vitauts, Smuidris

The world's largest dog show

The world's largest dog show - Crufts - has rounded up in Birmingham.

Large solar flare heads to Earth

The largest solar storm in five years is about to shake Earth's magnetic field.

China builds a 30-storey hotel in 2 weeks

A 30-story hotel in China has been built in just two weeks.

Prince Harry VS Usain Bolt

It turns out Prince Harry is even faster than the world champion Usain Bolt.

Two-headed tortoise goes on show in Ukraine

Kiev National Museum of Natural History introduces to a two-headed tortoise.

Flying car heads to New York Auto Show

The company Terrafugia will present its flying car in New York Auto Show, which will take place on 6-15 April, 2012.

Bar saves Sarkozy from protesters

Hundreds of angry protesters booed French President Nicolas Sarkozy, forcing him to take shelter in a bar. The incident took place in the Basque country in southern France.

German Finance Minister plays Sudoku during a crucial debate

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble is being severly criticised. Yesterday, February 29, he was playing Sudoku during a crucial parliamentary debate on Greece.

February 29 - women allowed to propose

February 29 marks the day of the Saint Oswald, which is also known as the Leap Day. It is celebrated only once in every four years. Saint Oswald is said to have been a very kind Irish monk who died many years ago exactly on this day.

VIDEO: Angela Merkel takes beer shower

Although the German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends hundreds of events every year, she certainly will never forget one organized by the Christian Democratic Union. The waiter behind her lost balance and poured five beers down her neck.

Oscar nominations 2012

Today, February 26, the annual Oscar Awards Show will took place in Los Angeles, United States of America. As usually, some of films-nominees have not yet been demonstrated in Latvia. Therefore, today BNN gives you a full insight in the year’s best films.

Australian ex-prime minister caught in unflattering video

The former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been caught in an expletive-ridden video He was recorded unsuccessfully trying to read a text in Chinese.

The world's most popular songs

This week BNN has looked through world music charts and selected number-one songs from all-over-the-world. Enjoy American, Latin, Russian and Bollywood music, as well as this week's number one in Latvia.

Meroni: Ventbunkers 23 December 2011 shareholders meeting - falsified

In Latvia there are no problems in registering fake documents, especially when the most notorious and skillful forger of shareholder meetings - Martins Kveps - is involved, Rudolf Meroni, Chairman of AS Ventbunkers Supervisory Board, said in an interview to BNN.

About 30 000 people gather in Riga City Center to welcome 2012

More than 30 000 people welcomed the New Year in Riga City Center - at the Monument of Freedom, in the the main streets and squares, Riga City Council representative Anna Kononova told BNN.

North Korean leader Kim Chen Ir dies

At the age of 69 the North Korean leader Kim Chen Ir has passed away, on December 19 reports national television.

Numerous luxury sports cars crash in Japan

Japan is seeing one of the most expensive car crashes in its history. Numerous luxury sports cars are involved: eight Ferraris, three Mercedes-Benz, a Lamborghini, a Nissan Skyline and a Toyota Prius.

Latvian teenager develops iPhone app

Kristers Jursevskis, 9th grade student of Riga Centre Humanitarian Secondary School, has developed an application for smartphones.

Sipeniece-Gavare: problem - we are too naive

A video clip circulating around on the Internet - Let's vote for smart Latvia (Latvian: Balsojam par gudru Latviju) wonders why people vote for lies and urges to vote for smarter Latvia. "This clip is no advertising of a particular politic party. It is rather a call to see what we are voting for," Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, one of the project's supporters, told the news portal BNN.

McCann Erickson – Riga and Inspired awarded for office design

Advertising agency McCann Erickson – Riga and Inspired have been awarded Best Office Awards 2011 prize as best foreign interior.

Saeima Speaker visits Barbie exhibition during work time

Saeima Speaker Solvita Āboltiņa and head of her office Gunda Reire took part in unveiling exhibition «Barbie - a fashion icon through time» during work time.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – opening weekend's top-grossing movie

The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean sequel Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is the highest grossing in the UK this year. While in Latvia the movie ranks second in terms of box office income in the opening weekend.

Bull hides in clothes boutique

Customers of a clothes boutique in small town of Brazil were joined by a bull trying to make believe he was a model in shop window to fool those chasing him.

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