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Wednesday 16.10.2019 | Name days: Daiga, Dinija

Fox News mistakes Obama with Osama bin Laden

In haste, Fox News journalists misspelled Osama bin Laden's name, instead reporting that Obama bin Laden is dead.

Osama Bin Laden killed by US forces

US forces in Pakistan have killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, USA President Barack Obama has announced, adding that they have the body of the leader in US «most wanted» list.

Video: A week in Milky Way’s life

While spending a week on the island of Tenerife in Spain, the Norwegian photographer Terje Sorgjerd captured celestial sphere and the rhythm of the Milky Way, compiling the material in a three-minute video clip.

April 15 – Steal Something From Work Day

If you ever had a wish to steal something from your workplace, April 15 is a good day for such an intention, as it is the Steal Something From Work Day, indicate the campaign organizers.

Bite video increasingly similar to Sony Ericsson commercial

On Tuesday, April 12, mobile telecommunications operator Bite published on the Internet a video increasingly similar to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 commercial.

German cow turns into a horse

Having learnt her parents won't let her have a horse, Regina Mayer grew angry, but did not abandon her dream - she took to riding a cow.

World celebrates Pillow Fight Day

People all around the world took part in the International Pillow Fight Day, reports AOLNews.

Snake dies after biting porn star's silicone breast

A boa snake bit porn star and model Orit Fox during a recording of a radio program in Israel. She brags herself about having the biggest breasts in the Middle East. Later the snake died of contamination with silicon, while the model herself was not hurt.

Dow Jones industrial average tumbles record-low since August 2010

Dow Jones industrial index has reached its biggest drop in the stock market since last August. This is due to the unemployment rise, trade deficit and China’s export growth slowdown, raising concerns about the emergence of another US economic pitfall.

North Japan sees tsunami after massive quake

On Friday, March 11, 8.9-point earthquake shook Japan’s northern territory, causing a tsunami wave flooding the coast and nearby houses, reports CNN.

Steve Jobs himself unveils Apple iPad 2

The technology giant Apple has launched its second iPad tablet PC – iPad 2.

English pronunciation fails Latvian Foreign Minister

After meeting with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Latvian Foreign Minister Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis made a number of comic statements in a press conference due to his poor English pronunciation.

Kiev oligarchs make a parody of Lady Gaga

Ukrainian oligarchs congratulate their friend a Jewish entrepreneur Alexander Melamud on his 50th birthday by making a parody of one of the famous American pop singers Lady Gaga songs.

HTC enters tablet market with HTC Flyer

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC entered tablet market on February 15 by presenting its new device HTC Flyer.

Virgin Atlantic crew - most attractive

A recent study has revealed Virgin Atlantic red-costumed flight attendants are the most attractive ones, as 53% of the respondents voted exactly for them.

Barbie's husband Ken turns 50

Ken, the husband of the famous doll Barbie, has turned 50, which he celebrated at Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany.

Lukashenko calls himself the first President of Russia

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's slip of the tongue turned him into the first President of Russia. Since the speech circulated the Internet, its gained huge popularity among viewers in a short period of time.

US navy vessel scuttled deliberately

A decommissioned US navy vessel has been scuttled near Cayman Islands, and from now on will be dive attraction.

Dead birds «rain» over Sweden

On Tuesday, January 4, shortly before midnight inhabitants of a small town in Sweden encountered 50 to 100 dead crow carcasses on streets. Similar case was observed at the beginning of the week in the south of the US.

Cakes for video games fans

Video games and their consoles turn out to be not only fun but also eatable. Ways of how to delight «gamers» on birthdays, weddings or any other celebrations are compiled in the gallery.

BlackBerry sales hit records

The sales of the smartphone BlackBerry, as well as the revenue and income have surged 40% in three months time, compared to the exact period a year ago. The company expects up to 15 million units shipment, according to Research In Motion published data.

Massive fight in Ukraine Parliament sends five lawmakers to hospital

On December 16 a massive fight erupted in Ukraine Parliament between the members of the ruling coalition and opposition, leaving five lawmakers hospitalized.

Forbes: most creative advertising ideas

Several brands have succeeded in obeying creative advice of skillful advertising specialists and turn their old and familiar products into new hits. The magazine Forbes has compiled a list of the year's most creative advertising ideas.

Google Nexus S smartphone - the best one with Android operating system

Google has unveiled a new smartphone model Nexus S equipped with Android operating system.