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Ceturtdiena 20.02.2020 | Name days: Smuidra, Vitauts, Smuidris

Google Nexus S smartphone - the best one with Android operating system

Google has unveiled a new smartphone model Nexus S equipped with Android operating system.

Putin singing Blueberry Hill and playing piano solo

In spare time, when the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is not busy with hunting tigers, he is happy to demonstrate his musical skills. Putin sang Blueberry Hill and played piano in a charity campaign against cancer.

Television show takes unexpected turn

The most popular German TV show Wetten, dass..? ended faster than expected this year on December 4 because one of the show participants seriously injured himself when performing a stunt.

South Korea Parliament members fight over free school meals

A fight erupted in South Korea Parliament, when several members discussed a bill on free school meals too passionately.

Comic actor Leslie Nielsen dies

The famous actor and comic Leslie Nielsen has died, reports BBC.

Chinese vase sold at auction for record price – 69 million dollars

18th Century Chinese vase has been sold at auction in London at a record-high price – 43 million pounds sterling.

BMW to produce hybrid supercars

The astonishing carbon-fibre-bodied Vision EfficientDynamics supercar unveiled for public for the first time in Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 will be put on sale soon in the major markets of the company all over the world, reports with reference to BMW statement.

Poland completes world's tallest Jesus statue building

The statue of Jesus Christ, which is 52 meter high, has been built in Poland. Its height exceeds the statute of Christ in Bolivia by 18 meters.

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