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Friday 06.12.2019 | Name days: Niklāvs, Niks, Nikolajs

Amnesty International awards teenage climate activist Thunberg

Amnesty International, which describes itself as the world’s largest human rights organisation, has given its Ambassador of Consciousness Award to Swedish schoolgirl, who has inspired the mass weekly demonstrations calling for climate-conscious policy reforms.

Transport pollution: Paris planning 500 subsidy to e-bike purchase to millions

As France aims to reduce its air pollution, greater Paris is considering a massive subsidy programme to millions of its inhabitants to the purchase of an electric bike.

Global oil prices jump after attacks on Saudi Arabia

Oil prices in the world have jumped to the highest level in four months as oil facilities in Saudi Arabia suffered two attacks over the weekend.

Prague to move Soviet army Marshal, despite death threats to Mayor

In the Czech capital of Prague, a local government has decided to take down a monument devoted to a Marshal of the Soviet Union. It is planned to replace it with a memorial of a more general meaning.

Spain’s flash floods claim lives

Several parts of Spain have been hit by heavy rain, floods and a tornado. The natural calamities have claimed not less than two victims.

Catalan independence march in Spain attended by 600 000 people

In Barcelona, around 600 000 people have taken part in an annual march to demand the independence of Catalonia, the autonomous region of Spain.

Vilnius Square in Tbilisi – renovated and unveiled

The Vilnius Square devoted to Georgian-Lithuanian solidarity in Tbilisi has been renovated and also presented to the public this week.

Israel receives condemnation for plan to annex Palestinian territories

A plan by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to annex part of the West Bank that is seen by Palestinians as a part of their State of Palestine has been met with criticism from countries in the Middle East region.

After U.S.-Taliban peace talks fail Trump fires security advisor

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced firing his national security advisor John Bolton after Washington’s peace talks on ending the war of Afghanistan ended without a solution.

Latvia’s VAT «gap» reaches Europe’s level – drops to 10%

Comparison of Latvia’s value added tax gap with its neighbouring countries shows that in 2017 the VAT gap in Latvia was considerably below that Lithuania's 25% but also higher than Estonia's 5%, as reported by State Revenue Service.

U.S. talks on ending Afghanistan war pronounced «dead» by Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump has stated that the lengthy and promising peace talks with Taliban aimed at ending the have been stopped without a result. Currently, the reduction of the 14 000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan announced in early 2019, also has not been confirmed.

Minister: it is too soon to thinks about radical changes in Russia’s policy

Russian-Ukrainian prisoner exchange is no reason to expect radical changes in Russia’s policy, said Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs in an interview to public broadcaster LTV programme Rīta Panorāma on Monday, 9 September.

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