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Monday 14.10.2019 | Name days: Minna, Vilhelmīne

Deadly plane crash in Sweden could take year to be solved

After Sweden’s leisure plane crash that took the lives of nine people over the weekend, authorities could take a year to determine the cause of the tragedy.

Trump’s war powers on Iran limited by U.S. Congress

U.S. President Donald Trump’s powers to potentially take his country to war with Iran have been blocked by American legislators setting forth congressional authorization to such a move. Tensions between the to countries have escalated since early June.

Latvia’s industrial output growth reportedly the most rapid among Baltics

Industrial production output in Latvia in May 2019 when compared to the same period of 2018 has increased 1.7%, which is a more rapid growth rate than the average in the EU, according to data published by Eurostat.

Baltic States protest against Moscow’s plans to celebrate Baltics’ «liberation» with fireworks

Latvian, Lithuania and Estonian foreign ministries have summoned representatives of Russian embassies to issue protests against Moscow’s plans to celebrate with fireworks on 22 September Baltics’ «liberation» from German forces in 1944.

Ukraine’s president wants to make Chernobyl an official tourist destination

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced plans to make Chernobyl an official tourist destination, BBC reports.

UK claims Iran attempted to intercept British tanker in Persian Gulf

Iranian boats have attempted to intercept a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf but were scared off by a Royal Navy ship escorting the tanker.

Lithuanian MEPs promise to oppose nuclear power plant project in Belarus

Lithuania’s representatives in the European Parliament have promised to oppose the construction of a nuclear power plant in Astravyets, Belarus, 50 km away from Vilnius, as reported by Lithuanian public media LRT.

Lithuania’s president Grybauskaitė comes empty-handed from top Brussels jobs division

Europe's leaders, divided starkly by political affiliations, have finally agreed to give two of the top four European Union jobs to women, but Dalia Grybauskaitė, the outgoing Lithuanian president is not between them. Analysts weigh in on chances of a Baltic nominee.

Russia’s tragic nuclear submersible accident blamed on battery compartment

The death of 14 Russian sailors in this week’s accident of a nuclear-powered submersible had been caused by a fire in the craft’s battery compartment, Russian Defence Ministry has stated.

Riga’s ex-mayor and ex-vice-mayor receive posts in EP committees

On Wednesday, 3 July, European Parliament successfully composed 20 committees and two sub-committees. It was later reported that ex-Mayor of Riga Nils Ušakovs will work in EP’s Budget Committee, whereas the ex-Vice-Mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks will work in the Transport and Tourism Committee.

Russian submarine fire takes lives of high-ranking navy officers

After a deadly fire of a Russian navy submarine, its military has released the names of the 14 people killed in this week’s accident.

Italian volcano eruption has taken life of one person

In Italy a volcano eruption has taken place leaving one person dead and others frightened as it released lava and a cloud of ashes.