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Sunday 29.03.2020 | Name days: Agija, Aldonis

China calls Japanese flue drug effective in treatment of COVID-19

In China, the treatment of the patients of COVID-19 with a Japan-made flue drug favipiravir has been effective, according to an official of the Chinese Science and Technology Ministry, as reported by The Guardian.

Study: new coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days

The new coronavirus Covid-19 can survive on surfaces for days and in the air for several hours, as outlined in the 17 March study published by US researchers.

VDD: continued search for cross-border cooperation with Russia creates intelligence risks

Latvian municipalities continue looking for options to perform cross-border cooperation with Russia. Among those projects there are significant intelligence risks, according to the report for 2019 from Latvia’s State Security Service.

EU to prohibit unimportant trips to the bloc for 30 days

The European Union will prohibit unimportant trips to the bloc from countries not part of the EU for 30 days to limit the spread of coronavirus, as announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday, 17 March.

Countries that have adopted travel restrictions

Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has compiled a list of countries that have adopted travel restrictions. This information is subject to change, which is why the ministry invites following possible updates.

Latvia’s industrial production volume decline in January more rapid than EU’s average

In January 2020 industrial production output in Latvia, when compared to the same period of 2019 had declined 4.5%, which is a more rapid decline than the average in the EU, according to data published by Eurostat on Thursday, 12 March.

Prosecutors in MH17 trial say Russia trying to sabotage investigation

In the Netherlands, the prosecutors of the MH17 trial into the murder of 298 people have said there is evidence that the Russian government is keen to thwart the investigation and some witnesses feel endangered if disclosed, The Guardian reports.

Germany calls on EU members to accept refugee children from Greek camps

The German government has expressed willingness and urged other EU member states to accept vulnerable refugee children from camps in Greece, according to German public broadcaster DW.

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