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Wednesday 20.02.2019 | Name days: Smuidra, Vitauts, Smuidris

Spain starts historic trial against Catalan independence figures

Spain is beginning court proceedings against 12 leaders of the region of Catalonia for their role in the region's independence referendum and the subsequent declaration of separation from Spain.

Hungary' s mothers of four to be exempt from paying income tax

In Hungary, the government is boosting financial support to families with several children, according to measures presented by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. On Sunday, February 10, the significant measures announced by Viktor Orbán during an annual address, encouraging women to have more children.

UK government pushes for more time for Brexit negotiations

A month and two weeks before the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union, the government of Theresa May seeks to buy more time in the British parliament for her talks with Brussels to reach concessions that would allow the adoption of the Brexit deal.

Netherlands pushing for talks with Russia on responsibility about MH17

Dutch diplomats have said they were in contact with Russian authorities to arrange formal talks concerning the finding of the Dutch government that Moscow is responsible for supplying the missile that was used to down a passenger airplane in Ukraine, killing 298 people.

Exporting beef of suspicious quality investigated in Poland

In the sick cow scandal in that involved over 2 500 kilograms of beef from allegedly unwell cows in Poland being exported to a dozen of countries, investigations have been launched by Poland and officials of the European Union.

UK working to exit the EU in March

British Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed her determination to deliver Brexit on time and would continue ahead of talks on the arrangement of the Northern Ireland border.

Kremlin also pulls out of nuclear arms treaty, following U.S. move

Responding to a decision by the U.S. to suspend its participation in the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty, Russia has announced a similar move that has raised fears of a Cold War-era arms race. Washington on Saturday formally suspended its obligations from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.

Airbus computer systems hacked, European airplane giant says

Airplane, defence and space technology producer Airbus has found cases of data access violations, but insists the cyber attack had not affected it commercial activities.

EU not convinced by May's efforts to renegotiate Irish backstop in Brexit deal

The EU's main negotiator Michel Barnier has stated that the Irish backstop intended as an insurance policy for the border in with the Northern Ireland that cannot be deleted or changed in the UK's Brexit deal and will not be renegotiated.