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Tuesday 26.03.2019 | Name days: Eiženija, Ženija

Estonia calls for EU unity, not uniformity

Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas has made a speech at the European Parliament in France, where he stressed the need for unity in the European Union, but one that recognises the different views of member states.

After criticism from Brussels, Italy scales down budget deficit ambitions

Italian government has reacted to pressure from the European Union over its spending objectives with an offer reduce its budget deficit targets from 2020.

Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded for discoveries improving pharmaceuticals

As the laureates of the Nobel Prize in chemistry on Wednesday, October 3, there have been named American chemists and George P. Smith, as well as Britain's Sir Gregory P. Winter for their achievements in biochemistry.

NATO to hold largest manoeuvres since collapse of USSR

NATO will hold military exercise Trident Juncture 18 exercise, which will involve 45,000 troops, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted, adding that officials confirmed would be the alliance's largest drills since the Cold War.

Nobel Prize in to be awarded for «groundbreaking» achievements in laser physics

As the laureates of the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday, October 2, there have been named American laser physicists Arthur Ashkin and Donna Strickland, as well as their French colleague Gérard Mourou for their inventions in the 1980s.

EU workers no longer priority to UK, when country leaves bloc

The UK plans to stop preferential access to the country's labour market for European Union workers after Brexit, British Prime Minister Theresa May has stated.

Facebook uncovers cyber attack affecting nearly 50 million user accounts

Social media giant has suffered in a giant security breach that, according to the company, has made the personal information of close to 50 million user accounts accessible to attackers.

Macedonian voters back country's name-change in referendum

In a Macedonian referendum held on Sunday, September 30, voters adopted a plan to rename the country aimed at ending a decades-long argument with Greece and opening a potential road to NATO and European Union membership.

150 Ryanair flights cancelled in Europe as workers strike

Ryanair will cut 150 flights because of a 24-hour strike action across Europe on Friday, as the European Union called on it to provide workers' rights set forth in EU law.