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Tuesday 26.03.2019 | Name days: Eiženija, Ženija

EU, British negotiators hold withdrawal talks without success

As the European Union and the United Kingdom continue to discuss possible guarantees on the Irish backstop in their Brexit deal, head of the EU delegation of negotiators and senior British officials concluded the latest round of talks with no visible result.

AIDS seemingly cured second time by stem cell transplant

An unnamed Briton has become the second AIDS patient not showing sings of the sydrome, according to doctors cited by AP news agency.

Vilnius to suggest Belarus to run Astravyets nuclear plant on gas from Lithuania

The head of the Lithuanian government has voiced plans to ask Belarus to change the fuel of its near-complete nuclear power plant to gas provided from Lithuania’s liquefied natural gas terminal and a planned gas connection with Poland.

First ceasefire in Kashmir after Pakistan-India clashes

The military clashes between South Asian nuclear powers India and Pakistan have stopped giving civilians time to flee to safety after six days of military aviation, artillery and light arms' clashes. In Pakistani-administered Kashmir, at least eight civilians and two soldiers have fallen since the escalation came following India's airstrike early last week inside Pakistan.

In pictures: Tornadoes in U.S. south cause «mass fatality situation»

Tornadoes in southern U.S. have caused damage taking the lives of not less than 23 people, according to local police in the state of Alabama.

Swedbank Estonia possibly been used to move massive «hidden» sums, media report

Cyprus coal trader Carbo One has been a key corporate client of Swedbank Estonia with transfers exceeding a billion euros and Russia's billionaire Iskander Makhmudov has allegedly transferred huge sums through «shadow» accounts despite a lack of official links to the coal firm, Estonia's Postimees and Swedish SVT report.

Ministry: Latvia has accomplished a lot in ensuring gender equality

Latvia is among six countries in the world with the highest index for gender equality on the labour market. This is shown as much in World Bank’s published study that analysed legislation on gender equality in 187 countries.

Freight transport between Latvia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will not require permits

An agreement has been reached in regards to permit regime’s cancellation for mutual freight transport between Latvia and Bosnia and Herzegovina starting from 1 January 2020. This means transit and mutual freight transport will be liberalized and allowed to be performed without permits, as reported by Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Communication Office.

EU urges for restraint in nuclear-armed Southern Asia, as bullets fly in Kashmir

The European Union and other world powers have called for calm between India and Pakistan, which have both downed enemy jets on Wednesday and continued with trading fire on Thursday.