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Wednesday 18.09.2019 | Name days: Liesma, Elita, Alita

Moscow’s Nord Stream 2 meets obstacle in Denmark

The Russian-Western European plan of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has met an obstacle in Copenhagen. Danish government is seeking an additional environmental impact assessment of the 175 kilometres of it in the Danish territory.

Defiant LU rector to ask for court ban against election of successor

In Riga, Indriķis Muižnieks, the elected-yet-unappointed rector of the University of Latvia, has pledged ask for a court ban on the possible election of his successor, when he appeals against the decision of the Latvian government not to confirm him in the post.

Estonia’s Tartu to be EU’s Culture Capital in 2024

The Estonian city of Tartu has won the honour to be the European Capital of Culture in 2024 overcoming the bid by Narva, city at the border with Russia.

Germany investigates murder of Chechen; Russian cyclist-gunman arrested

A Chechen gets shot dead in a Berlin park as a cyclist fires to shots – this is a crime currently investigated by German police and the suspect is a Russian passport holder.

Financial Times ranks Vilnius in top 10 of cities for fintech companies

The Lithuanian capital has been included by Financial Times outlet fDi in its Fintech Locations of the Future 2019/20 as one of the 10 leading cities able to attract foreign investment in the field as well as in cost effectiveness.

U.S. fighting its opioid crisis fines Johnson & Johnson with USD 572 million

As the U.S. seeks to contain the widespread abuse of addictive opioid medications, a judge in the state of Oklahoma has ruled Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries helped fuel the state’s opioid crisis and ordered the company to pay USD 572 million.

European countries agree to take in migrants not welcome in Italy, Malta

A part of European Union member states have agreed to accept 356 African migrants aboard the rescue ship Ocean Viking, which is in the Mediterranean and has not been allowed to stop in Italy or Malta.

WHO: Little risk from microplastics in drinking water

The World Health Organization has declared that the current level of microplastic particles in drinking water does not pose is not a serious risk for health, yet more research was necessary to determine their effects on human health.

Kabul wedding terror attack committed by Islamic State, the group says

Responsibility for the terror attack in Afghanistan, where explosives killed 63 people. has been claimed by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State terrorist group.

British Gibraltar releases seized Iran oil tanker

An Iranian oil tanker detained by Gibraltar, part of the United Kingdom, has sailed away from port after being allowed to do so despite Washington’s call to detain it again.

Village in Russia to be evacuated following nuclear accident

Russian authorities have announced evacuation of Nenoksa village, as it is the closest to the military area where a nuclear accident recently happened. This may mean the situation there is far more dangerous than initially reported, as reported by New York Times.

Shooting at Norway mosque considered a terror act

The shooting that took place at the end of the week at a mosque in Oslo is tackled by police as a possible terror act, as reported by BBC.

Navalny’s Russia anti-corruption organisation sees its accounts frozen

A court in Russia has frozen the bank accounts of an anti-corruption group that leading opposition figure Alexei Navalny established to expose the riches of senior government officials.

Disorderly Brexit expected to bring food shortages to UK, manufacturers say

Britain leaving the European Union without a deal is expected to bring supply disruption that would continue for weeks or months, according to the United Kingdom’s food manufacturers.

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