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Friday 20.07.2018 | Name days: Ramona, Ritma

Kaljulaid sees African opportunities to outplace EU in digitalisation

During a visit to Ethiopia, Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid has discussed African-EU relations with the African Commissioner for Trade and Industry and recommended investing into digital development that would be beneficial for the continent itself.

European Parliament: rule of law in Malta should be monitored more closely

Malta should strengthen the rule of law and the European Commission should follow the situation in the country more closely to ensure objective protection of rights, members of the European Parliament say.

Court: EU nationals retain immigration rights in Britain

The European Court of Justice has ruled that citizens of the European Union, who acquire UK citizenship, keep their right to take their foreign-born wife or husband to the country.

Moscow rejects British claims of Russia meddling in elections

Leading politicians in Russia have rejected statements by British Prime Minister Therese May, who blamed Russia for meddling in elections and cyber-spying. Leonid Slutsky, the head of the foreign affairs committee in the lower house of the Russian Parliament, commented: «Russia, like the UK, is by no means striving to bring back the Cold War».

Death-toll after Iran-Iraq quake increases, warm shelter needed

In the Middle East, following the November 12 earthquake, which hit the border regions of Iran and Iraq thousands of people have passed the second cold night outdoors.

Updated: Tragic earthquake in Middle East

In the Middle East, the border regions of Iraq and Iran have been shaken by a 7.3-magnitude earthquake, which has taken the lives of no less than 354 people and resulted in injuries to several thousand people.

YouTube to impose age restriction on inappropriate cartoon videos

Popular video-sharing site YouTube has stated it would restrict the availability of such videos to children, where cartoon characters depict violent or sexual behaviour.

Reuters: Poland’s largest bank PKO offers to purchase Luminor

Poland’s largest bank – PKO Bank Polski – has voiced a proposal to purchase Luminor bank, which was formed last month by Swedish Nordea bank and Norwegian DNB bank, as reported Reuters with reference to two anonymous sources.

Former Catalan parliamentary speaker allowed to be released for 150 000 euro-bail

In the trial against ex-members of the Catalan regional parliament for their role in Catalan independence endeavour, the Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that the former parliamentary speaker can be freed from detention in exchange for bail.

NATO defence ministers support formation of two new command structures

NATO defence ministers support the proposal for the formation of two new command structures. One would be responsible for sea route safety for troop and military vehicle transports between North America and Europe. The other one will coordinate movements of military forces within Europe.

Court requires Germany to introduce third gender

The German Federal Constitutional Court has determined that the country has to provide the chance to register a person, who is not a woman, not a man in birth certificates, and giving the country's federal government time until 2018 introduce a third sex in law.