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Ceturtdiena 23.01.2020 | Name days: Strauta, Grieta

Stoltenberg asks Germany to increase military spending as promised

NATO Secretary General has urged Germany to fulfill its pledge to increase its defence spending in line with other allies, as the organisation readies to mark its 70th anniversary.

British Parliament to vote on customs union with EU, other options

The United Kingdom could leave the European Union by 22 May if the British Parliament supports a customs union in Monday’s indicatives votes, officials in Brussels commented seeing this scenario as the most likely right now.

Slovak presidential election won by environmental activist Čaputová

In the second round of the Slovak presidential election held over the weekend, layer and environmental activist Zuzana Čaputová has won in a blow to the government of the Central European country.

Maybe third ride lucky. UK Parliament votes on withdrawal deal again

As the Parliament of the United Kingdom is opposed to a no-deal Brexit, British legislators will on Friday vote on the country's withdrawal deal from the European Union. This time they will only vote on the agreement.

European Parliament supports reducing CO2 emission reduction by 37.5% in next ten years

Members of the European Parliament have approved the agreement with EU ministers that provide for reducing the volume of greenhouse gas emissions from light vehicles and shuttle-buses by 2030, as reported by European Parliament representative in Latvia Signe Znotiņa-Znota.

Step towards greener life – EP approves ban on single-use plastic after 2021

At the end of March the European Parliament approved a ban on single-use plastic kitchen utensils, straws and cotton sticks, as confirmed by European Parliament representative in Latvia Signe Znotiņa-Znota.

Brexit: May promises resignation, lawmakers reject 8 withdrawal options

The UK's Parliament has failed to reach a consensus in a series of indicative votes, including the proposal of a second referendum. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to step down, if the country's withdrawal deal is passed in its third vote.

Intergovernmental talks start with Russia about downing of MH17 in Ukraine

Seeking justice for the killing of 298 people, when the MH17 flight was shot down over Ukraine in 2014, Dutch and Australian government representatives have met with their Russian colleagues.

Environment reforms in Europe that will benefit environment and wallet

On Tuesday, 26 March, members of the European Parliament approved new rules intended to create a more consumer and environment-friendly EU electricity market, as reported by European Parliament’s representative in Latvia Signe Znotiņa-Znota.

Latvian parties organize candidate lists for upcoming European Parliament elections

In the European Parliament elections coming this May, Latvian Russians Union with Tatyana Zhdanok at the helm will start with Nr. 1 in Latvia. New Unity with Valdis Dombrovskis as the helm will be the last party among all submitted candidate lists.

Facebook, YouTube sued for spreading videos of New Zealand shootings

U.S. social media platforms Facebook and YouTube have been sued by a French Muslim organisation blaming them of inciting violence by allowing the streaming of footage of the recent New Zealand massacre online.

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