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Tuesday 07.04.2020 | Name days: Helmuts, Zina, Zinaīda

Estonian parties believe EU can avert migration crisis from repeating itself

In the EU, the attitude of governments has changed to be able to avert a migration crisis like one in 2015, all Estonian parliamentary parties believe, according to ERR broadcaster.

Latvia supports commencing EU accession talks with North Macedonia

Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs has outlined the joint visit of Baltic and Polish foreign affairs ministers as a strong indication of the EU perspective for North Macedonia, as reported by Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Brussels: Greece is EU’s shield during increased migration from Turkey

The Greek-Turkish border, where borderguards are facing many attempts to cross the border illegally, has been visited by EUs top officials, who pledged financial and practical aid to Greece, British public broadcaster BBC reports.

Latvia hands Belarus a project for cooperation in transport and logistics

Latvian Transport Ministry’s vice-state secretary Uldis Reimanis, during his visit to Minsk, presented a project for cooperation between Latvia and Belarus in transports and logistics, as reported by the ministry’s representative Ilze Greiškalna.

Putin seeks to mention faith in God, define marriage in constitution

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed additional norms, including on heterosexual marriage and faith in God, to be added to the Russian Constitution as part of his constitutional reform, Russian news portal Meduza reports.

Three US presidential candidates quit race to endorse Biden

As the US Democratic Party continues to vote to select ist presidential candidate, three candidates have quit their campaigns and endorsed Joe Biden, French news agency AFP reports.

EU and UK launch talks on trade and other areas of future relationship

As the United Kingdom is continuing its life as usual in the post-Brexit transition period, Brussels and London beginning on Monday, March 2, their talks on EU-UK future relationship in areas from trade to fisheries and police, AFP news agency reports.

Latvia and USA sign joint declaration to enhance 5G network security

On Thursday, 27 February, Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sign a joint US-Latvian declaration on 5G network security, as reported by Foreign Affairs Ministry.

UK ready to switch to WTO trade rules if no EU by end of year

The British government has declared that unless concessions are made by Brussels in EU-UK talks on their future cooperation, the former EU member would trade with the bloc on WTO rules from 2021, British news portal The Guardian reports.

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