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Sunday 23.09.2018 | Name days: Vanda, Veneranda, Venija

Russia’s ruble devaluation predicted

The average Russian economic growth rates are not likely to exceed 2% increase in the coming years, while the Russian national currency – the ruble – may shrink by 53% due to several circumstances, economists forecast.

Amazon shocks investors

Euro falls, while maintaining boost over EU summit

On Tuesday, October 25, the euro fell slightly, yet sticking close to the six-week high attained in the previous day. This is tied to the market expectations for the euro zone leaders' agreement on the necessary measures to reduce the current debt crisis.

Sarkozy rudely calls on Cameron not to interfere in eurozone’s matters

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has rudely asked the British Prime Minister David Cameron not to interfere in the eurozone’s matters.

Eurozone leaders refuse to boost rescue fund

Boosting the European financial stability fund at the expense of loan guarantees by euro zone countries is out of question, Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, announced after the first day of the European Union summit in Brussels.

Oil price sticks above 109 dollars before Europe’s summit

Crude price has remained above 109 U.S. dollars per barrel. This is due to optimism that after the meeting this weekend policymakers will get closer to solving the eurozone’s debt crisis, thereby easing the oil demand drop.

EBRD: Eastern Europe to see notable economic growth slowdown

The economic growth in the Eastern Europe is considerably slowing down due to the eurozone’s debt crisis spreading in the region, reports the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

France's President has newborn daughter

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave birth to a daughter on October 19 evening. The birth took place without complications.

Latvia ranks in TOP3 of EU fund acquirers

Among the twelve new EU member states, Latvia has ranked in the third place in terms of concluded agreements on the EU fund project implementation, as well as in terms of project implementers who have received the funding as of late September, according to the data presented at the EU states conference in Hungary.

Russia urges Latvia and Estonia to do away with non-citizen status

Russian Federation Foreign Affairs Ministry is calling for increased international pressure on Latvia and Estonia, so that they would stop violating rights of Russian-speaking people.

Dealer: gold price has nowhere to go

Following a drop due to the eurozone’s crisis, the gold price remained flat on October 19. Currently, special attention is paid to Spain’s sovereign credit rating downgrade, as investors are still not convinced about plans for tackling the debt crisis.

Next wave of crisis not to hit Latvia that hard

If a double-dip crisis occurs at all, it will not hit Latvia that hard, says Juris Jakobsons, AS Citadele bank Chairman. According to him, it is highly possible that yet another crisis will strike Europe and the U.S.

Latvia's annual inflation third highest in EU

Annual inflation in Latvia accounted for 4.5% in Latvia, thus posting the third highest inflation among the European Union member states, according to the latest Eurostat data.

EU gives green light; Microsoft concludes Skype purchase

The EU's bodies have authorized the transfer of Internet phone service provider Skype in Microsoft’s ownership. Consequently, Skype is now officially a division of Microsoft.

19 alleged accomplices of Breivik arrested in Poland

19 people have been arrested within the framework of a police raid in Poland which was launched after Anders Breivik's attack in Oslo. Detainess are suspected of producing explosives.

Oil price drops to 111 U.S. dollars

On Thursday, October 13, Brent price fell almost to 111 U.S. dollars per barrel over demand drop in China, the world's second largest oil consumer.

European Commission: what will change in Latvian agricultural policy?

The European Commission has presented its proposal for the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013. In short, the following will affect Latvia:

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