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Wednesday 18.07.2018 | Name days: Rozālija, Roze

Oil drops on stronger dollar

US crude fell below 100 dollars as investors flocked to the dollar amid fear over the euro area debt crisis.

Internet of great help to Swedish economy

Sweden's Internet economy is expanding rapidly and is forecast to outdo the traditional industries’ performance. Already in 2009, the Internet industry's revenues hit 40 billion US dollars or 6.6% of gross domestic product.

What if Russia attacked the Baltics?

Swedish Military Academy has come up with a study on the response of Sweden if Russia attacked the Baltic states. According to the research, Sweden is drafting its own military doctrine that also provides helping the neigbouring states in case of military conflict.

Brent rises above 111 dollars

Oil prices surged on Friday, May 20, over traders’ forecasts on world economy weakening and demand drop in summer.

Japanese economy slides into recession

Japanese economy is sliding back into recession amid declining production and dropping consumption triggered by May 11 quake.

Kazakhstan to invest 7 billion dollars in energy sector over five years

It is planned to invest about 7 billion US dollars in Kazakhstan’s energy sector by 2015, thus boosting the power capacity up to 3 700 MW, says Aset Isekeshev, the Kazakh deputy mayor.

Expert: oil prices are blown up

Recently, the oil price has even amounted to 100 dollars a barrel on the global market and given the current situation it is too high, considers Rex Tillerson, CEO of the oil giant Exxon-Mobil.

Portugal to receive 78 billion euro bailout

European Finance Ministers agreed on Monday, May 16, to grant Portugal three-year 78-billion-euro EU-IMF loan.

Saab signs agreement with Chinese partner

Swedish car maker Saab announces it has concluded a new agreement with Chinese company Pang Da Automobile, according to its Dutch owner Spyker.

Analysts: euro crisis can hit Eastern Europe recovery

Crisis in the eurozone can have a considerable impact in the economic recovery of the Eastern Europe, Bloomberg's surveyed analysts say, as eurozone finance ministers meet today in Brussels to draft a new plan of easing Greece’s debt burden.

85% of investors expect Greece default, with Portugal and Ireland following

Nearly 85% of investors around the world expect that sooner or later Greece will fail to repay its debt and will be forced to default.

GDP could expand 0.8% in EU

European Union (EU) and eurozone GDP could grow 0.8% in the first quarter if 2011, compared to the previous one, according to Eurostat flash estimate.

Expert: European tourism industry is reviving

The number of Europeans travelling during holidays is growing – last year 68% of the European Union residents went on a trip, while in 2009 – 65%.