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Wednesday 19.09.2018 | Name days: Verners, Muntis

Russian oil companies forbidden to cut yield

A new bill on oil in Russia practically prohibits oil companies to reduce yields as long as there is demand for the resource.

Oil price sticks above 115 dollars

Brent crude price is keeping above 115 US dollars per barrel, since investors retain speculative positions, given the ongoing events in the Middle East.

Foreigners buy up Japanese companies shares

Foreign investors have placed up to 11 billion dollars in Japanese companies over the week from March 13 to March 19, thus beating 2005 record. Overall foreign investors have bought shares totaling 11.8 billion dollars.

Moody’s cuts credit ratings of 30 Spanish banks

The international rating agency Moody’s has simulatniously downgraded 30 Spanish banks’ credit ratings. While the rating of Spain’s three major banks – Santander, BBVA and La Caixa – has remained unchanged.

Brent crude drops for second day in a row

Brent crude is down for the second day in a row on March 24, having dropped 0.4%, it now amounts to 115 US dollars a barrel amid Portugal Prime Minister's resignation, flaring up eurozone concern, but at the same time also boosting oil traders profit.

Japan radiation to reach Europe soon

Radiation from Japan quake and tsunami hit Fukushima plant has reached Europe on March 23, as particles from Japan have already arrived to Iceland. Radiation levels in Tokyo grew ten-fold in the days following the 9 magnitude earthquake on March 11.

Forum Cinemas gets new owner

The Finnish Sanoma Group plans to sell the cinema business in the Baltic States and Finland to the Swedish company Ratos AB, according to the company’s announcement to the stock exchange.

Three EP members suspected of bribery

The European Parliament (EP) is now launching a probe of bribery affair, as the newspaper The Sunday Times has announced three EP members accepted bribes from journalists, pretending to be lobbyists and asking to introduce amendments to legislation passed in the EU assembly.

First Twitter tweet posted five years ago

Five years have passed since the first tweet was posted on the social network Twitter. Now the portal publishes 140 million tweets from all over the world daily. The social network turned five years old on March 14, while March 21 marks five years since the first tweet on it.

Brent crude price exceeds 115 dollars

After the Western military forces carried out airstrikes on Libya, oil prices continue reporting rapid gains, with Brent crude exceeding 115 US dollars per barrel.

Most economically advanced EU countries in 2011 - Poland and Estonia

European economy experts have pointed out Poland and Estonia will both rank as the most economically advanced countries in Europe this year.

EU construction output grows 1% in January

European Union (EU) total construction output grew 1% in January 2011, compared to the previous month, while the euro zone registered a climb of 1.8%, according to Eurostat data.