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Tuesday 13.11.2018 | Name days: Jevgēņija, Jevgēņijs, Eižens

Amazon profit drops 33%

In the last quarter of the previous financial year, the Internet site net revenues fell by 33% – this is a more rapid decline than forecast by the Wall Street analysts.

EU commercial vehicles sales rise the fastest in Latvia

In the first quarter 2011, Latvia commercial vehicles sales spiked 321.6%, accounting for the most rapid rise in EU.

Apple second quarter revenues surge 83%, profit – 95%

In the second quarter of the fiscal year concluding in March, the technology giant Apple posted a record-high revenue and profit – 24.67 billion and 5.99 billion US dollars.

Brent exceeds 124 dollars a barrel

Brent crude rose over 124 US dollars a barrel on Thursday, April 21, on US crude inventories falling unexpectedly and dollar growing weaker.

Youtube video with seven kidnapped Estonians begging for help

A video with the seven kidnapped Estonian tourists has been published on Youtube, they are appealing to the French President, Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Jordan's King to help them return home.

Sweden's Central Bank raises interest rates

On Wednesday, April 20, Sweden's Central Bank Riksbank announced it has raised the base rate by 0.25% up to 1.75%.

Gold price hits record high - 1 500 dollars an ounce

Gold price on Hong Kong market has hit 1 500 dollars per Troy ounce for the first time in history amid fear on slower global economy recovery.

World Bank: Eastern Europe to recover soon

This year and next year, economic recovery is expected in ten new member states of the European Union, the World Bank forecasts.

Equity rally nears Brent price to 122 dollars

On Wednesday, April 20, morning Brent crude hit 122 US dollars due to the stock price rally on the US oil products.

Only Latvia's current account deficit in balance

The European Union countries external current account posted a deficit of 18.2 billion euro in the fourth quarter of 2010, if comparing to the deficit of 4.8 billion euro in the fourth quarter of a year before. Latvia is the only country whose deficit was in balance, according to the latest Eurostat data.

Global price surge may push 5.3 million people in poverty

The food and energy price increases might drive another 5.3 million European and Central Asian residents below the poverty line, recognizes the World Bank representative Theodore Ahlers.

China plans starting shale-gas production by 2015

The Chinese government mulls starting shale-gas production by 2015 to reduce the levels of pollution. China's reserves are estimated to make up 26 trillion cubic meters of potential shale-gas resources.

Weaker dollar boosts oil over 108 dollars

In the morning of April 15, oil price surpassed 108 US dollars, boosted by traders mulling weaker dollar and dropping demand for US fuel.

Glencore IPO hits 11 billion dollars

The leading commodities trader in the world Glencore International AG intends to raise 11 billion US dollar from an initial public offering (IPO).

Saab debt hits several hundred million

Given that the Swedish carmaker Saab production was suspended due to unpaid bills, the car trade association claims the company's debt amounts to several hundred million kronor.

Obama promises 4 trillion dollars budget deficit cuts in 12 years

The President of the United States Barack Obama has set a national target to cut the budget deficit byfour trillion dollars within the next 12 years. The plan provides spending cuts in the defence, health care and social security sector, as well as tax reforms.

IMF criticises the US on its huge debt

The US lacks a promising strategy on how to curb its growing government debt, which has a small, though significant risk of impacting the global economy, the International Monetary Fund indicates.

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