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Tuesday 19.03.2019 | Name days: Jāzeps

New car registrations - 2nd fastest in EU

The number of new cars registered in the territory of Latvia accounts for the second fastest climb in the EU, totalling 125%, according to European Automobile Manufacturers' Association report, which comprises all EU member states, except for Cyprus and Malta, but includes Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

Euro drops on Greece debt crisis

Concern over severe Greece debt crisis, which could fail to round up successfully, has added to dropping euro on the international currency markets.

ECB urges to double eurozone support fund

Eurozone stabilisation fund must be doubled up to one and a half trillion euro, says Nout Wellink, representative of the European Union Central Bank.

Expert: US to default if debt ceiling is not raised

In case US Congress does not raise borrowing limit, there will be growing threat to the country's creditworthiness, says Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve. Moreover, US might lose AAA credit rating if Congress did not vote for raising the 14.3 trillion dollars debt ceiling.

Ryanair warns about fake recruitment mails

Low-cost airline Ryanair is warning all job seekers about fake emails which try talk people into paying for application for a job in the airline.

China to lend Belarus a billion dollars

Chinese and Belarus governments agreed June 14 upon a joint project exceeding a billion dollars - the sum financed by China.

S&P cuts Greece rating to lowest in the world

International credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Greece rating by three notches, thus it is currently the lowest-rated government debt in the world.

Crude drops on fear of slow recovery

Crude oil dropped on Monday over investors' fear of the slow United States of America and other countries' economic recovery and the fact Saudi Arabia plans to boost oil exports.

One fifth of Russians - potential emigrants

The proportion of Russians willing to leave Russia has spiked from 5% up to 21% during the past twenty years, of which 21% want to find another permanent place of residence while 20% want to find employment abroad.

European Central Bank raises GDP and inflation forecast

European Central Bank has revised two macro-economic forecasts for 2011. It is projected the eurozone GDP will expand 1.9% instead of the previously forecast 1.7%, while inflation is said to climb 2.6% instead of 2.3%.

Swedish Bar Association issues a warning to Assange's lawyer

The Swedish Bar Association has issued a warning to the Swedish lawyer of WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange, according to a statement on June 9, following criticism expressed to him by an English judge.

Baltic euro enthusiasm drops over eurozone debt crisis

Latvia and Lithuania’s positive attitude towards joining the eurozone, as in case of their neighbour Estonia, is declining. It is likely that the next eurozone expansion might prolong, without attaining the previously set target – the year 2014.

Tax refunds in Sweden hit several billion dollars

In Sweden, the volume of tax refunds to be paid by the summer solstice weekend has hit an unprecedented record, namely, 3.25 billion US dollars.

Spain wants compensation for misinformation on deadly cucumbers

Spain will ask Germany to compensate for the losses caused my putting the blame on Spanish cucumbers for the outbreak of a deadly bacteria, poisoning hundreds of people throughout the entire Europe.

Orchid named after Merkel

Singapore authorities have named an Denrobium orchid after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

IMF to lend three billion dollars to Egypt

The International Monetary Fund has agreed to grant a loan at the extent of three billion dollars to Egypt, while the loan repayment period has not been disclosed yet.

Apple CEO returns to present iCloud

Having been on a sick leave for months, Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs is now returning back to the stage to present the world's most valuable technology company's strategy and products.