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Monday 24.09.2018 | Name days: Agris, Agrita

Lithuanian export to Sweden grows by 35%

In first seven months of 2010 Lithuanian export to Sweden has increased by 35%, compared to the exact period of 2009, according to Swedish Central Statistical Bureau data.

Lithuanian banks first profit in two years

Lithuanian banking sector, dominated by Nordic banks, operated with profit in the third quarter for the first time in two years, as bad loans number dropped, informed Lithuania Central Bank.

Russia’s economic growth slows down

During the nine months of 2010, Russia’s gross domestic product increased by 3.4%, although the country’s overall economic growth started to slow down in September.

Ford 3rd quarter profit – 1.69 billion US dollars

By launching new car models, Ford Motor has improved its stock market in the US. During the 3rd quarter the car manufacturer profit totalled 1.69 billion US dollars (846.7 million lats), which is the highest achievement in the company’s 107 years-long history.

Guardian: UK records economic policy deficit

The United Kingdom (UK) has been the smaller brother of the United States (US) for years, which US has made use of, currently this is also reflected in the UK economic policy.

Estonia fails in maintaining corruption perception index

Among 178 states in corruption perception index Estonia ranks as the 26th, which is a fall of one position, compared to the last year, according to the research company Transparency International data.

Latvia elected in UN Economic and Social Council

On October 25, the United Nations General Assembly in New York with 155 majority votes elected Latvia in the Economic and Social Council for the period from 2011 to 2013, the business portal BNN was informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press centre.

Estonia Finance Minister: price growth is not connected with transition to euro

The price increase that has been observed in Estonia during the past few months should not be associated with the transition to the euro, indicates the Estonian Minister of Finance Jürgen Ligi.

Losses from shoplifting in Europe reach 29.3 billion euros

European traders have lost 29.3 billion euros (20.6 billion lats) this year due to shoplifting, which is 3 billion euro (2.1 billion lats) more than last year. The losses of the Baltics comprise 177 million euro (124.4 million lats), which is 29 million euro (20.4 million lats) less than in 2009, according to Centre for Retail Research data.

Nokia to fire 1 800 employees

Although the mobile communication giant Nokia experienced greater profit than forecast in the third quarter of the year, it plans cutting 1 800 jobs aiming to reduce costs.

Estonian Expert: public and private sector salaries should not differ

In Estonia, there should be no difference between the salaries received by the public and private sector employees, considers the Head of the company Tavid and the former Minister of Finance Meelis Atonen.

Fake medicine trade boom

Eastern Europe is one of the main fake medicine trade routs, where sales reach up to several billion dollars.

Europe asks for wage increase

The European Parliament (EP) has proposed introducing single minimal wage system. Currently the resolution is advisory in nature, yet the European Union executive power owns all the legislative instruments to make the idea «obligatory».

IMF: more austerity measures necessary

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) asks Eastern European governments to implement even tougher austerity measures to reduce the budget deficit, restore banking sectors and promote growth.