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Friday 17.08.2018 | Name days: Oļegs, Vineta

Germany increases advertising spendings for informing society

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s implemented national budget reduction program foresees additional money for advertising spending.

Analysts: US exited the recession in June 2009

The recession in the US economy ended in the middle of June, 2009, concludes the analysts of National Bureau of Economic Research.

Baltics recovering from recession

The Baltic States have started to recover from the grave recession they had to undergo during the global economic crisis.

Lithuania to become the Silicon Valley of the Baltics

If Lithuania can bring in a range of foreign companies in less than two years, it has every opportunity to become the Silicon Valley of the Baltics, predict foreign analysts.

Flick’s company BAS to launch flights from Lithuania

The company Baltic Aviation Systems (BAS), which is owned by Bertolt Flick, the President of the national airline airBaltic, is determined to carry out flights from Lithuania next year.

Top global financial centre - London

The capital of Great Britain London ranks as the leader in the rating of world's top financial centres.

SAS concludes Estonian Air sale

SAS Group has reached an agreement with the Estonian government that it would give up 49% of Estonian Air shares.

LG Electronics CEO replaced

LG Electronics, the third largest mobile phone manufacturer, after huge losses, has decided to change its Chief Executive (CEO).

Economist: eurozone is in danger of collapse

The eurozone could last up to five more years, yet in the worst case, it will simply collapse, asserts the well-known US economist and professor of the New York University Nouriel Roubini.

Britain loses 42bn pounds due to black economy

The State Treasury of the Great Britain did not get 42 billion pounds (35.4 billion lats) last year, because of tax fraud, avoidance and underpayment.

Russia import ban affects meat prices in the world

The Russia’s ban on the import of pork meat has negatively affected meat prices elsewhere in the world.

Every fourth credit in Russia - problematic

The volume of problematic credits in Russia’s banks has reached 25%, including the credits that were issued for a period longer than 90 years, or have been extended.

Beer price to grow due to barley shortage

The drought in Russia has resulted in malted barley shortage, and the barely harvest this year is predicted to be two times smaller than in 2009. While, the beer price could grow due to the deficit.

Eurozone external trade surplus - 6.7 bn euro

Eurozone external trade surplus reached 6.7 billion euro in July this year, according to Eurostat first calculations about the trade balance.

Google brand value grows by 36%

Google has improved its position in the best global brands rating. Its brand value has increased by 36% in a year's time, reaching 43.5 billion US dollars (23.5 billion lats), reports UK News Reporter.

Economists forecast ruble exchange rate fall

The ruble exchange rate fall that began already in August has now become more rapid loosing 50 kopecks from its value in two days time. Experts have different views on the rubble exchange rate future.

Lithuania to build natural gas terminal together with Oman

Lithuania is considering to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, using neither Latvian nor Estonian, nor the European Union (EU) funds, announced Lithuania Minister of Energy Arvydas Sekmokas.

Central Bank: eurozone problem - wish for easy money

The main problem of the eurozone is not its huge debts, yet the desperate want of the national governments to obtain easy money, considers the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Jean-Claude Trichet.

Luzhkov's possible resignation worries investors

Rumour that Yury Luzhkov could resign from Mayor of Moscow position have made the Bank of Moscow investors more cautious.

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