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Tuesday 23.07.2019 | Name days: Magda, Magone, Mērija

Most economically advanced EU countries in 2011 - Poland and Estonia

European economy experts have pointed out Poland and Estonia will both rank as the most economically advanced countries in Europe this year.

EU construction output grows 1% in January

European Union (EU) total construction output grew 1% in January 2011, compared to the previous month, while the euro zone registered a climb of 1.8%, according to Eurostat data.

New NPPs are crucial for survival

Although after Japan's disaster, the European Union environment ministers consider Europe needs to reassess the safety of the located nuclear power plants, experts are convinced that it is not possible to survive without the nuclear power.

Apple postpones iPad 2 sale in Japan

The technologies company Apple has delayed launching its new product iPad 2 in Japan market due the tragedy brought by an earthquake and tsunami.

Bloomberg: Baltic economies are growing

The Baltics have survived the painful economic crisis and returned back to growth track, but there is doubt Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain will succeed in doing the same. Having struggled the worst economic downfall in the world, the Baltic states have been growing quarter by quarter since early 2010.

Fukushima accident rates as major disaster on international scale

Based on the seven-point international nuclear accident scale, the French Nuclear Safety Authority has assessed the accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant with six points.

Puma appoints new CEO

Russia among leading military ecquipment traders

Russia maintains its leading positions in military equipment market. For example, 82% of India’s military imports are delivered from Russia in particular, according to Stockholm International Institute data.

Tsunami sweeps away 2 300 new Nissan and Infiniti cars

Tsunami waves caused by the 8.9 magnitude quake at Japan’s northern coast, have washed away more than 2 300 new Nissan and Infiniti brand cars, which were ready to be shipped to dealers.

Honda suspends production in Japan

Car maker Honda Motor Co has announced it will suspend production in Japan by March 20, due to the massive earthquake in north Japan.

Lukoil loses 164 million lats on dropping assets value

The major private oil company in Russia Lukoil lost 164 million dollars last year, propelled by a drop in a number of assets values.

China to boost investments in nuclear energy

China plans to increase investment volume in technology development and training of qualified workers in the nuclear energy sector, in order to reduce the country’s dependence on the global oil market.

Dow Jones industrial average tumbles record-low since August 2010

Dow Jones industrial index has reached its biggest drop in the stock market since last August. This is due to the unemployment rise, trade deficit and China’s export growth slowdown, raising concerns about the emergence of another US economic pitfall.

North Japan sees tsunami after massive quake

On Friday, March 11, 8.9-point earthquake shook Japan’s northern territory, causing a tsunami wave flooding the coast and nearby houses, reports CNN.

Moody’s cuts Spain’s credit rating

The international rating agency Moody’s has downgraded Spain’s credit rating from Aa1 to Aa2, with a negative future outlook.

Slower export growth boosts unexpected trade deficit in China

China reports unexpected seven-years high trade deficit of 7.3 billion dollars. Exports climbed 2.4% in February, accounting for the smallest growth since 2009.

Volkswagen passenger cars deliveries grow 14.1% in early 2011

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 758 100 vehicles to clients worldwide during the first two months of 2011, outdoing the performance of the exact period a year ago by 14.1%.

Poland threatens to sue Gazprom

The Polish state-owned company PGNiG has threatened to litigate with Gazprom in case the negotiations on the gas price reduction will not have a favourable outcome for Poland.

World’s richest man – Carlos Slim

The Mexican media tycoon Carlos Slim has ranked at the first place in Forbes magazine list of the world’s wealthiest people. Slim’s wealth has been estimated at 74 billion dollars.

Fitch forecasts China might face bank crisis

There is 60% chance China will face bank crisis by mid-2013, according to Fitch Ratings senior director Richard Fox forecasts.