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Friday 17.01.2020 | Name days: Tenis, Dravis

Imprisonment for bribery replaced with 500 million rubles fine

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev has submitted a Bill to the Council, stipulating sharp increase in the fines for all involved parties in commercial bribery.

Dell’s quarterly profit boosts its share value

On Thursday, February 17, the value of Dell Inc. shares rose 11% after the world’s second largest PC manufacturer announced about the high quarterly profits, thus, reducing concerns about the sustainability of its margins.

EC turns to court against Greece on free capital flow restriction

The European Commission has decided to start legal proceedings against Greece, who has allegedly violated the European Union legislation on free capital flow.

Tension in East nears oil price to 85 dollars

On February 17, the price of oil in Asia came close to 85 US dollars per barrel. Investors are increasingly worried about the political developments in the Middle East, which could escalate and hamper crude oil supplies.

Latvia falls behind Russia and Poland in terms of welfare level

The occurred drop in prosperity, due to the recession, has created a situation where Latvia is at lower position than Russia and Poland, in terms of welfare. Forecasts show that Latvia will not manage to improve the position this year.

UN: world at risk of hunger-related riots

The risk of unrests caused by hunger in the African and Latin American countries has increased due to the food price surge, indicates the published information by the United Nations.

Youngest ever German Central Bank's Head appointed

Jens Weidmann, the Assistant to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will be appointed as the President of Germany’s Central Bank, according to one of the officials, whose name has not been disclosed.

Nokia’s share value hits record-low since 1998

On Tuesday 16, the leading cellphone manufacturer Nokia’s share value hit the lowest level in the past twelve years, dropping by almost 20%. This decrease is linked to the announcement made last week on the collaboration with the software developer Microsoft.

Republicans propose cutting US budget for 2012

One of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States The Republican Party has submitted a bill proposing 61 billion dollar cuts of the public expenditure in 2012 budget. The Republicans acknowledge it is not possible to balance the budget simply by reducing nonsecurity and nondefense spending.

White House: US budget deficit to hit 1.6 trillion dollars

This fiscal year, the US budget deficit will be higher than expected, hitting a record-high sum – 1.6 trillion dollars, or more than one-tenth of the gross domestic product, indicates a statement released by the White House.

European Union GDP spikes 0.2% in fourth quarter

Compared to the preceding quarter, the European Union’s gross domestic product rose 0.2% in the fourth quarter of 2010, while in the eurozone – 0.3%, according to the EU central statistical office Eurostat data.

Number of air passengers to exceed 3 billions in following years

In 2014, the number of international air passengers will comprise 3.3 billion – by 800 million more, compared to 2009.

Yuan slowly but confidently emerging as the world’s currency

China, who has become the world’s second largest economy after the United States, is preparing for the next stage. In order to become the world’s leading economy, China intends to change the yuan into an international currency.

Latvia reported the largest industrial volume drop in EU last December

Compared to November, in December 2010 the industrial production volume in Latvia posted the largest drop (-1.9%) in the European Union. Comparing 2010 with 2009, Latvia reported the third largest increase in the EU in December 2010 (+15.7%), according to the statistical office Eurostat data.

Japan looses the world’s second-biggest economy title

When assessing Japan’s gross domestic product figures, it can be concluded that the country has lost the world’s second-largest economy status, while the US remains in the leading position.

Alliance with Microsoft lowers Nokia’s stock price by 14%

The value of company Nokia shares dropped on February 11 by 13.8%, compared to the stock price the day before. The sharp decrease occurred at a time when the Finnish company signed a cooperation agreement with the software developer Microsoft.

Google Nexus S in Latvia - late March, early April

Samsung smartphone Google Nexus S sale in Latvia will be launched in late March or early April this year, Samsung Electronics Baltics telecommunications department Head Ēriks Eglītis told the business news portal BNN.

Nokia and Microsoft to develop Android competitor

The mobile phone manufacturer Nokia and the software developer Microsoft are going to make joint effort to compete with Google and Apple in the fast-growing smartphone market,

Oil exceeds 87 dollars amid intensified Egypt turmoil

US crude for future deliveries exceeds 87 US dollars a barrel, affected by the Egypt unrest after President Hosni Mubarak announced he would transfer his power to the Vice President, instead of stepping down himself.

Apple to become most valuable company

The technology company Apple is heading towards becoming the most valuable company on Earth by 2012, analysts say.

SAS hopes to make profit in 2011

The Scandinavian airline SAS reported a slight fourth-quarter net profit, raising hope to get back on profit track along with the recovery of the market.

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