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Tuesday 23.10.2018 | Name days: Daina, Dainida, Dainis

Switzerland urges Russia to quit violating law, spying in its territory

Switzerland's foreign ministry has urged Russia to stop illegal activities on its territory after three suspected spying cases have emerged in the country in 2018.

What's better in new Apple crop and what's useful?

U.S. tech giant Apple has launched three new smartphones and a redesigned smartwatch. With the new X series iPhones the firm has tackled the two key smartphone problems – fragile screens and frequent charging.

Russian state archaeologists blamed for possible hiding of Stalinist executions

Kremlin-established Russian Military History Society conducts archaeological digs in near the border with Finland, which, according to human rights activists seems to been an attempt to manipulate the mass executions of the Stalinist era.

September 12 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Global climate city title given to ambitious Uppsala in Sweden

The title of the global climate city of the year by the World Wide Fund for Nature has been awarded to Uppsala in Sweden, which plans to have fossil-free local transport by the year 2030.

Europeans live longer, are increasingly obese, WHO finds

The World Health Organization has found that European life expectancy continues to grown, while obesity and the growing proportion of people who are overweight could reverse the trend.

European Solidarity Corps to permit volunteer work in all of EU

With members of the European Parliament giving green light, youngsters will be provided with the option to work in different volunteer projects across all of the European Union. The parliament approved the law with 519 votes in favour, 132 against and 32 MEPs abstaining, as reported by European Parliament’s press-secretary in Latvia Signe Znota-Znotiņa.

Eurostat: Latvia had more rapid GPD climb than average rate in EU in Q2

Compared to the same period of 2017, Latvia experienced a more rapid GDP climb in Q2 2018 than the average in the European Union, according to data published by Eurostat on Friday, 7 September.

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