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Monday 22.07.2019 | Name days: Marija, Marika, Marina

While Latvia enjoys summer heat, Australia hit by snowfall out of nowhere

Australia’s eastern parts have been hit by unusual weather conditions, as snow falls in sub-tropical Queensland, BBC reports.

Ship crash in Venice prompts discussions for cruise ship ban

Following the crash of a cruise ship in Venice, discussions regarding ban of large ships in the famous tourist destinations have reignited with a new flame, BBC reports.

Angela Merkel promises stability in spite of Social Democratic Party losing their leader

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the government coalition will continue working in spite of the fact that Social Democratic Party’s leader Andrea Nahles has decided to step down, BBC. reports.

Captain arrested over Budapest ship collision as search for victims continues

Hungarian authorities have arrested the captain of the tourist ship that sunk in Danube river with 33 people on board, while divers searched for the victims.

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Tragic boat collision in Budapest takes tourist lives

In the Hungarian capital Budapest, a riverboat used for tourism turned over with 34 people on board, taking the lives of at least seven people.

Ukraine eying new IMF aid programme following snap parliamentary election

Ukraine agreed with the International Monetary Fund on a new aid programme to be finalised following Ukraine’s parliamentary election due in July.

Huawei in U.S. courts challenging Washington’s sanctions against it

As Washington has effectively prohibited American firms to sell its technology to Huawei without government approval, the Chinese company has filed lawsuits in the U.S. challenging what it sees as selective punishment against the firm.

Latvia’s prime minister to lead discussions on high-rank EU candidates

Centre-right European People’s Party has picked Latvia’s Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš and Croatia’s Prime Minister Andrej Plenković as the party’s official discussion leaders in European Parliament discussions regarding candidates for the highest ranking posts in the European Union.

Activity of Latvian residents in EP elections reportedly one of the lowest in Europe

The activity of Latvian voters in European Parliament elections was one of the lowest among EU member states, including Lithuania and Estonia.

Centrists suffer losses in EP elections; insist on their ability to form majority

The first provisional results of European Parliament elections confirm that both of the largest political groups – the centre-left and centre-right wing – have suffered losses. Liberals and greens gained benefits. Efforts to form a new majority commenced on the night after elections.