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Ceturtdiena 09.04.2020 | Name days: Valērija, Žubīte

SAS recognized as world’s most punctual airline

The air company SAS Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has secured the status of the most punctual airline, as it was recognized as the most punctual in the world for a second summer in a row.

Estonian tax revenues surpass results of 2009

In eight months time, the Estonian tax revenues have reached 2.7 billion euro (1.9 billion lats) mark, and currently comprise about 68% of the planned national income.

Putin implies possible return to President post

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in his speech in Sochi indicated that he has not made up his mind yet whether to candidate in the Presidential Elections of 2012. Meanwhile he reminded that the President of USA Franklin Roosevelt was elected four times.

Estonian newspaper turnover declines

Compared to the previous year, the newspaper turnover in Estonia has considerably decreased this year, suggests the data obtained by the Latvian Association of Press Publishers (LAPP).

After stress test publication euro bank shares fall sharply

The SX7P shares value has dropped in the European banks. This was caused due to the doubts about the efficiency of state creditors' issue of loans, which occurred shortly after the Wall Street Journal published an article on stress test results and the bank's Basel III capital move uncertainty.

Expert: alongside with the inflation growth, Russia has to consider raising interest rates

Experts are of the opinion that, alongside with growing inflation,the Central Bank of Russia should reconsider the option of increasing the interest rates.

Estonia to cut subsidies for renewable energy

Estonian government wants to reduce subsidies for renewable energy producers, thus reducing costs for consumers, indicates Minister of Economic Affairs of Estonia Juhan Parts. The Ministry of Economics of Estonia plans to prepare amendments in the bill.

Lithuanian GetJar – one of World Economic Forum winners

For the first time in the history, the Lithuania mobile phone application developer GetJar, has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies for the category Technology Pioneer 2011 in World Economic Forum (WEF).

US economy hits low point

The US economy is currently at such state that it even does not have to be concerned about a double-dip recession.

European Central Bank finds little comfort

The European Central Bank (ECB) will not change its record low interest rate – 1%. The impressive growth of Germany does not make amends to the management of ECB, as the European financial market is again confronted with concern about the performed loan operations.

Anglo Irish Bank loss – 8.2 billion euro

Anglo Irish Bank (AIB) has notified about 8.2 billion euro (5.7 billion dollars) loss in the first half of 2010, which has been recognized as an extremely difficult period.

Billionaire imprisoned for taking bribes

Beijing court has sentenced one of the wealthiest men in China to 14 year imprisonment, as well as, to 100 million euro large fine for taking bribes.

Lukashenko seeks alternatives to Russian oil

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is seriously searching for alternatives to Russian oil, announcing that Belarus does not intend to fight with Russia in all the possible ways.

Bank of England to set credit limitations in fears of new recession

The Bank of England, fearing new crisis wave, intends to introduce restrictions on the maximum amount of mortgage loan. In this way, the bank hopes to avert another financial crisis, while those who wish to get a mortgage, will have to open a special deposit account, issued by the creditor that will be 10 - 25% of property value.

Russia’s wealthiest children income redoubles

During this year, the number of wealthy children in Russia has increased by one half, but their total affluence – redoubled.

Consumer market booms in China

According to recent studies conducted by Economic Intelligence Unit, about 5% of consumers in world are inhabitants of China. The total amount of turnover in world is 36.9 trillion dollars (1.7 billion lats).

Clothing prices will increase due to flooding in Pakistan

Due to the ongoing flooding in Pakistan, clothing and bedclothes might become more expensive. Textile manufacturers around the world are anticipating a new rise in cotton prices, because the severe flooding has significantly affected Pakistan’s cotton industry.

Swedish government promises to cut taxes

The coalition parties in the government of Sweden will focus more on the issues in relation to employment, income tax and the restaurant service tax reduction.

Struggle for influence could paralyze IMF work

The clash for influence between countries threatens to paralyse the work of International Monetary Fund (IMF), if US and Europe are not able to reach an agreement on how to pass on greater influence to growing economies in the nearest future.

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