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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

Government approves VAT increase

On November 30, the government approved the value added tax rate increase starting from January 1, 2011.

Request of budget providing 8 million lats recovery from illegal alcohol market

The next year's budget should provide at least 8 million lats sum that can be recovered from tackling the illegal alcohol trade, smuggling and production, says the Association of Producers and Traders of Spirit Drinks (APTSD).

Online book sales rise by 25%

Although people still mainly buy books at stores, this year during the period from July to November, the volume of sold books on the Internet has increased by 25%, compared to the first six months of 2010.

Super smart horse included into Guinness World Records

17-year-old horse Lukas from California has been included into the Guinness World Records book not because he is fast, but because he is clever, reports AOLNews.

Government to raise excise tax for non-alcoholic beverages

Despite the voiced protests at the meeting today, November 30, the government accepted amendments to the law on Excise Tax, which stipulates the tax rate increase for non-alcoholic beverages from 4 to 5.2 lats per 100 litres.

Baltkom and Izzi merger must comply with several conditions

Baltkom and Izzi will be allowed to merge, if they comply with several conditions. They will have to supply services of a specific quality and not to employ predatory pricing policy, the business portal BNN was informed by the Competition Council (CC).

EC: Lithuania should implement the Third Energy Directive despite Russia’s protests

Lithuania cannot utilize the exemption of the European Union Energy Directive; therefore, the country needs to separate the gas supply from gas transmission by using the gas pipeline, the European Commission indicates in a letter to the Lithuanian Prime Minister’s Office.

Company from Kuldiga obtains 5.25 million euro loan

A company from Kuldiga region in Latvia SIA Kuldīgas siltumtīkli has obtained a 5.25 million loan from SEB bank for building biomass cogeneration plant, the business news portal BNN was informed by SEB Bank.

German man pays 450 euro for knowing a Latvian woman

A German man called Klaus was fined 450 euro due to thinking he was helping a girl from Latvia he met on the Internet. Without being aware of the fact he was actually assisting a gang of swindlers.

VAT rise to result in more expensive apartment bills

The government's intention to raise VAT (value added tax) standard rate from the current 21 to 22%, as well as to increase the reduced VAT rate to 12% and raise it for electricity from 10 to 12% will make apartment bills more expensive.

Frost arrival boosts 50% firewood price climb

At the moment, with the arrival of sharp frost, consumer prices of firewood and chippings have increased by 40-50%, compared to late October, points out Didzis Palejs, a Board Member at the Latvian biofuel producers association Latbionrg.

Neste to import second generation biodiesel

Soon enough Latvian first generation biodiesel producers might have to seek for other markets, as the second generation biofuel is already nearly on its way to Latvia.

More and more Estonians support the euro introduction

54% of the Estonian population support the transition to the euro, shows the euro surveillance survey, which was ordered by the Estonian Finance Ministry and State Chancellery.

airBaltic to double rentable BalticBike bicycles number next year

The active season of the self-service, rent-out bicycles BalticBike has ended, and airBaltic already plans to double the number of bicycle rental stations next year, to make BalticBike as a uniform transport network, the company announces.

Lithuania’s population assesses Parliament and government’s work negatively

Inhabitants in Lithuania’s major cities assess the Lithuanian Parliament and government’s work negatively – giving 2 out of 10 points.

McDonald's accused of violating under-age workers rights

The violation of under-aged workers' rights have been detected at McDonald’s fast food restaurants near Moscow.