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Ceturtdiena 20.06.2019 | Name days: Rasa, Rasma, Maira

Restaurant Vairāk saules succeeded in tackling crisis

Remuneration will start growing and people will get their spirit of life back, the restaurant Vairāk saules co-owner Endijs Berzins told about their lesson of the crisis to the business news portal BNN.

19% of Latvia’s population predict 2011 to be better

Although many macroeconomic indicators indicate that for Latvia the year 2010 was better than the previous one – the year 2009 – only every seventh inhabitant was of similar thoughts in December 2010. When assessing whether this year was better for Latvia or worse, or the same as the previous one, only 14% of the residents evaluated it as better.

Construction costs drop by 0.9%

Compared to October, in November the construction costs in Latvia dropped on average by 0.9%. Maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment fell by 1.4%, labour wages – by 1.1%, while the price of building materials – by 0.6%.

Latvian «flawed democracy» ranks the 48th

After evaluating the democracy development and its pace, the British magazine The Economist analysts rank Latvia as the 48th «flawed democracy».

Large gas reserves found at Israel shores

The US company Noble Energy and its partners have discovered a large gas find at Israel coasts, suggests the company’s published statement.

Latvia’s most subscribed newspaper – Latvijas Avīze, magazine – Ieva

Throughout Latvia more than 443 thousand periodical subscriptions have been made for the following year. The number of subscriptions is similar to the last year’s data, suggesting stable habits of people in Latvia.

Facebook value tripples in 2010

The company Facebook value has trippled during the past 12 months hitting 42 billion US dollars, due to private trading expansion, reports Los Angeles Times.

Demographic scientist: immigrant inflow in Latvia to increase after five years

Most likely, after the year 2015 the flow of immigrants to Latvia will increase; moreover, according to the demographic scientist Ilmārs Mežs, there are many coveters.

2011 fuel price might hit 85 santims per liter

Fuel sector is to undergo considerable price climb next year, namely, fuel price might reach 85 santims per liter starting from January 1.

Next year to bring price climb

Many foodstuff products prices will surge several santims in the first week of January.

Women fear transition to euro more

Estonian women are more concerned about transferring to the single European currency than men, according to Faktum & Ariko research conducted in December.

North Koreans buy up skinny jeans, adult films and human excrement

The residents of North Korea are like crazy for skinny jeans, adult films and human excrement, these are the most demanded items, reports

New Year's celebration causes stress

New Year and Christmas mean not only jolly meetings with friends and relatives, a lot of fun and gifts, but also stress. Moreover psychologists say women are more subject to «celebration stress», reports Itar-tass.

Savisaar: Estonians have sacrificed too much for the euro

The Estonian government has rushed with the accession to the eurozone, causing Estonians to give up too many things because of it, the politician Edgar Savisaar admits.

Cakes for video games fans

Video games and their consoles turn out to be not only fun but also eatable. Ways of how to delight «gamers» on birthdays, weddings or any other celebrations are compiled in the gallery.

Expert: price gains to continue at global markets next year

The sharp rise in prices of different goods suggest we are living in a limited opportunity world – the developing countries’ growth inevitably leads to the global price surge, the economist Paul Krugman points out.

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