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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

Ventbunkers will call for the intervention of the Latvian Government regarding Litasco

Negotiations between AS Ventbunkers and the Lukoil subsidiary Litasco did not lead to any result because of the totally unreasonable position of Litasco. Ventbunkers will call for the intervention of the Latvian Government, informs Dr. Rudolf Meroni, chairman of Ventbunkers Supervisory Board.

Free taxis for emergency situations in Moscow

In case of emergency situations free taxis will be available in Russia’s capital, Moscow Transport Department has decided.

Study: employed similarly unsatisfied with job in 2010 as before crisis

Despite the crisis, in 2010 workers were almost as unsatisfied with their job as in 2006, while freelancers’ satisfaction with work is by 6.1% higher than four years ago, indicates the study carried out by the Latvian Employers’ Confederation, SIA Inspecta Prevention and TNS Latvia.

Happy birthday, Russian vodka!

January 31 is market as the birthday of the Russia vodka, as it was back in 1865 in St Petersburg when the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev defended his doctoral dissertation On the Combination of Alcohol With Water.

McDonald's launches three new restaurants in Latvia

Three new McDonald’s fast food restaurants in Riga will welcome visitors this year. Moreover, the company will launch its first restaurant in one of the biggest cities in Latvia as well, thus announcing itself as resolved to conquer also the regions, the company's representatives informed the business news portal BNN.

Latvian ports cargo turnover drops 1.3% in 2010

Cargo turnover at Latvian ports reached 61.16 million tons last year, it is 1.3% less than in 2009. Ships at Latvian ports loaded and transshipped 55.72 million tons of cargo in 2010, surpassing the indicators of 2009 by 3.2%, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

Public persons’ property confiscation procedure to be changed

Today, January 31, the government’s Committee approved the new procedure of public persons’ property expropriation.

Discounts force 56% of Latvians make impulsive purchases

More than half or 56% of Latvia’s population recognize they tend to make spontaneous purchases due to discounts and sales campaigns. While almost two-thirds of the respondents indicate they have regretted these purchases afterwards.

Moody's cuts Egypt debt rating

Ratings agency Moody's has downgraded Egypt debt rating by a notch - from Ba1 to Ba2 with a negative outlook, implying that further cuts are also possible.

Estonia retail sales surge for fourth consecutive month

Estonia retail sales soared 5% in December 2010, compared to October 2009. Moreover the rise has been ongoing for the fourth consecutive month already. A 1% growth in September and October 2010 replaced the two and a half years long retail sales drop.

Olainfarm turnover surges 13%

According to the provisional data, last year Olainfarm’s turnover amounted to 25.2 million lats – a rise of 13%, compared to the company’s turnover in 2009, according to NASDAQ OMX Riga stock exchange.

To date Latvia has acquired only 1/5 of EU funds

Despite the complex financial situation, Latvia is still slow in making use of the available EU funds. It has acquired only one fifth part of the European Regional Development Funds during four years time in a seven-years long period (2007-2013).

Electricity price to severely hit rural inhabitants

This year the price of electricity is higher than last year; moreover, the new tariff project will harshly affect large families and rural inhabitants in particular.

Banks and insurers conceal benefits available

Banks and insurers are possibly wasting millions on new competitive products development and promotion, as clients do not even get to know about them.

Sweden suggests raising fine for adult services

«When reviewing the results of the first year after the ban of escort services, we have observed that in 85% of cases, people had to pay fines within fifty days,» the Swedish Justice Minister Beatrice Ask indicates.

40% of Russians support Lenin's burial

The majority of Russia’s population support removing Vladimir Lenin’s mummy from the Red Square mausoleum, to burry it in one of St Petersburg’s cemeteries next to his mother and sister.