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Tuesday 18.06.2019 | Name days: Madis, Alberts

U.S. ambassador to Finland suggests exporting water

U.S. ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck, has suggested Finland exporting water, as it is turning into one of the most crucial resources across the globe.

SEB: U.S. politic kitchen worries financial markets

European countries trouble with budget deficits and sovereign debts rank among the major issues of great concern for financial markets, however, now the biggest fear is over the U.S. inability to reach an agreement on raising its debt ceiling and cutting expenditure.

Also sub-contractors need to follow work safety rules at construction sites

Also sub-contractors, operating in construction sites of large-scale companies, are forced to follow job safety rules, according to the State Labour Inspectorate.

Bank of Latvia: growing employment boosts consumption

Despite Latvia has been witnessing real southern countries' climate for the past two weeks, retail trade turnover statistics have long been resembling a winter sport - mogul skiing with a large number of different bumps, says Agnese Bicevska, Bank of Latvia economist.

Lithuanian growth hits 6.1%

Lithuania’s economic growth slowed down in the second-quarter of 2011 from the previous three months as the comparison with the year-earlier period became less favorable.

Vitol’s questionable methods manipulated outcome of Ventspils Nafta Shareholders' Meeting

Latvijas Naftas Tranzits, the second largest (at least 39%) Ventspils Nafta shareholder, is dissatisfied with the way the Management appointed by Vitol manipulated the Shareholders’ Meeting, according to LNT.

Photos of the Week 2011.07.29

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Cargo turnover at Latvian ports grows 11.5%

Cargo turnover at Latvian ports in the 1st half of 2011 comprised 34.45 million tons, which is 11.5 % more than in the 1st half of 2010, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

Toyota - world's greenest brand

Car manufacturer Toyota has been regarded the winner of the «Best Global Green Brands», according to Interbrand study of all the world's leading markets.

Nokia loses its lead position in smartphones

Nokia has lost its 15-year-long top position in the smartphones market to Apple and Samsung Electronics, sliding down to the third place after the more sluggish second-quarter performance.

Transport Ministry criticises Economy Ministry for LNG project

Latvia has been trying to come to an agreement with its neighbours in terms of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal construction for a year already, moreover, the Economy ministry's inability to settle the issue is now more than obvious, according to the Transport Ministry.

Benefits for the needy can run out soon

The number of the needy registered during the summer months is dropping, however, if comparing to the year earlier, the figure is up 20 000, according to the Welfare Ministry.

Businessman: people in Latvia are not determined enough

Latvian developers of new technologies are not productive and determined enough, they do not linger in the office also after 6 PM, says Alexander Snurnitsins, managing director at the human resource solutions company - AGroup.

Experts: crisis still lingers in construction

Construction - one of the most crucial sectors for the Latvian national economy - is in a very challenging situation, as the downfall is still not over for the industry representatives and the first official results of this year prove that.

Nearly 60% don't know what a nature-friendly car is

More than a half or nearly 60% of the residents in Latvia admit they do not know what a nature-friendly car is. However, 80% of the respondents claim they would like to purchase such a vehicle despite such cars are less powerful, according to Nordea study.

Google competitor launched in Latvia

Despite most of the Internet users cannot imagine a single day without Google search engine, Latvian has announced itself as a tough competitor to the giant, Jekabs Endzins, SIA Froto board member, informed the business news portal BNN.

One fourth of EU funds acquired

As of late June 2011, the respective ministries have acquired one fourth of the EU funds planned for this year, according to the Finance Ministry.