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Tuesday 07.04.2020 | Name days: Helmuts, Zina, Zinaīda

Latvian hockey player's team in fatal airliner crash

Russian airliner Yak-42 has crashed in Russia, Tunoshna airport in Yaroslavl. According to initial information, Continental Hockey League team Lokomotiv athletes were on board. Also Latvian Karlis Skrastins plays in this team.

Beer Cēsu alus finally overtakes Aldaris in sales

Two leading Latvian beer brewers have been in fierce competition for years, however, last year, Cēsu alus finally managed to overtake the market leader Aldaris by posting the best turnover.

Riga waste market players in severe competition

Swedish company Ragn-Sells has acquired the Latvian Exto-D, which means competition in Riga waste market will grow fiercer.

Half of Latvians against euro in 2014

A half or 51% of the economically active population are against Latvia joining the eurozone in 2014, according to TNS Latvia and LNT survey.

Ongoing talks on airBaltic capital boost

Having heard out Transport Ministry (TM) and finance consultant Prudentia's report on talks with airBaltic private shareholder Baltic Aviation Systems (BAS), the government assigned the TM to go on with them. Boosting capital proportionally together with the airline's private shareholder should be viewed as the priority.

Good year forecast for business tourism

Tourism industry dropped dramatically in 2009, while this year its turnover has spiked 35%. This allows to claim that tourism industry has been stabilising and 2011 will round up as a successful year, Irena Riekstina, head of Carlson Wagonlit Travel/Kaleva Travel, told the news portal BNN.

Only 22% believe government will solve airBaltic issue

Only one fifth (22%) of all the economically active population aged 18-55 believe in the government's ability solve airBaltic issue, according to TNS Latvia and 900 sekundes survey.

Shutting off utility services - effective fight against debtors

«Life shows that those providers of utility services that are allowed to cut off their services to debtors are the most successful ones,» says Arvils Aseradens, Chairman of Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee of the Saeima.

Economists: government's euro activities lack ambitions

It is still possible to introduce the euro in 2014. The government should stick to this aim, but it calls for clear and immediate action to meet the Maastricht criteria, says Olga Ertuganova, Latvijas Krajbanka economist.

Eurozone to ensure stability in Latvia

Latvia is currently like an ill patient, but this is actually a success story. This is because Latvia has followed the International Monetary Fund's instructions and the situation has improved despite people do not feel that yet, says Inna Steinbuka, the new head of the European Union office in Latvia.

Fertilizers transforming into explosives

September 1, 2011, the portal of Austrian news agency BNN (Baltic News Network) GmbH published a press release “STORAGE AND HANDLING OF AMMONIUM SALTPETER OF ALL KINDS IN RIGA FREE PORT – A TICKING TIME BOMB.” Today we start publishing a journalistic research project on the subject.

Industry grows while unemployment drops

Unemployment rates keep falling, mostly, due to growing industry. July performance was successful as well, reporting a growth of 9.2% versus July 2010. This includes also manufacturing, which is up 10.8%, followed by a 5% climb in gas supply and 5.1% in mining and quarrying, says Dainis Gaspuitis, SEB bank economist.

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