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Friday 15.11.2019 | Name days: Undīne, Leopolds, Unda

Criminal proceedings launched against former Patent Office head Aumeisters

The State Police initiated criminal proceedings against Zigrids Aumeisters, former head of the Patent Office. The case was launched over allegations that Aumeisters had carried out double entry bookkeeping due to which over one million lats were hidden at German and Swiss banks’ accounts.

Food prices depend on economy balancing on the edge of crisis

Food and especially meat price surge is expected also in Latvia just like in the rest of the world. However, since global economic processes play a major role in food prices and economists' concern over yet another wave of the crisis is gradually coming true - quite the opposite is expected.

People hardly interested in rights of EU

To encourage positive changes, people must take more active part in municipal and political processes. Residents of Latvia are not making proper use of their rights to get to know all rights of the European Union (EU), it was concluded in discussion Latvian in EU.

Flybe: hard times ahead of many airlines

Slowdown of growth rates accompanied with shrinking economies and gaining fuel prices will soon bring hard times to many airlines, according to Mark Rater, Flybe CEO in Europe. Branch of the joint British and Finnish regional airline Flybe - Flybe Nordic is emerging as one of the top rivals to the Latvian national airline airBaltic.

70% of residents concerned over high heating season bills

With the heating season rapidly approaching, an absolute majority (70%) of the economically-active population aged 18 to 55 years is worried about high bills in the autumn and winter heating season.

Court keeps interrogating Stepanovs in Lembergs criminal proceedings

Today, September 29, Riga Regional Court will go on interrogating businessman Olegs Stepanovs, a witness in Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs criminal case.

Ventspils residents: keep Lembergs away from airBaltic

City of Ventspils is laughing at its Mayor Aivars Lembergs' desire to get hold of the Latvian national airline airBaltic and solve its problems within a week, BNN correspondent in Ventspils reports.

European Commission pushes for financial transaction tax

On Wednesday, September 28, the European Commission presented a proposal for all twenty-seven EU member states on introducing a financial transaction tax.

Study: businesses still optimistic

Businessmen in Latvia seem to be pretty optimistic. 67% of the surveyed point out that they are set to place funds in business expansion and development.

Farmers not satisfied with milk price at stores

The work invested by a producer, processor and vendor is evaluated and rewarded disproportionately, believes the Farmers Organization Cooperation Council. Therefore, the end price of milk is currently one of the most painful issues.

Final judgement: 20 000 lats damages to be paid for child’s death in Talsi tragedy

The Supreme Court Senate has ruled that the decision to exact damages of 20 000 lats from the State Fire and Rescue Service will remain in force. Anita Bertelsone is to receive the compensation for losing her daughter in Talsi tragedy.

Doubling tax-free shopping

Along with rapidly surging numbers of tourists, tax-free purchases have doubled at Latvian retail stores, according to the shopping center Galerija Centrs and Global Blue Latvija.

airBaltic likely to list shares in 2014

Already in 2014, the national airline airBaltic’s shares might be listed on the stock exchange, informs Anrijs Matiss, State Secretary at the Transport Ministry.

54% don't believe Berzins will have a say in coalition formation

The majority (54%) of the Latvian population believes that President Andris Berzins will not have a say in the government formation process.

Businessmen want to be sure about future

"Latvia lacks political lineage. Today it is especially important that the new government follows in the footsteps of the previous one," says Liga Mengelsone, head of Latvian Employers Confederation.